Homebrew question, tren ace.

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by skr8bussinmane, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. skr8bussinmane

    skr8bussinmane Junior Member

    Made tren Ace earlier today, everything went fine, or so I assumed. No cloudiness, or graininess to the vials at all, but when I shake one, it gets cloudy and stays that way. Any ideas why?
  2. wilbur858

    wilbur858 Member

    Tiny air bubbles
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  3. skr8bussinmane

    skr8bussinmane Junior Member

    Ah, man... its so pretty too before it gets shaken. I dont think it will affect the product, just the overall look? Thanks.

    This was my mixture in case anyone wants to know, maybe I did something wrong here as well?

    tren A - ( trenbolone acetate ) 25G
    BA - ( Benzyl alcohol ) 5 ml
    BB - ( Benzyl benzoate ) 50 ml
    MCT 173.8 ml
  4. wilbur858

    wilbur858 Member

    I just got tren Ace to hold at 1% BA and 10% BB in GSO(yours was 2% BA, 20% BB). But your recipe is fine. I just try to keep solvents at a bare minimum.

    But if it is air bubbles, they'll separate on their own and it'll return to it's normal, beautiful, golden self by tomorrow. I specifically remember getting very pissed about that the first time I cooked up some tren, but not long after it returned to normal.
  5. skr8bussinmane

    skr8bussinmane Junior Member

    I woke up this morning and it was still cloudy. Put some slight heat to it and it came back and then went foggy again.
  6. TRT

    TRT Member

    Post a picture. How fast did it get cloudy after you took it off the heat?
  7. skr8bussinmane

    skr8bussinmane Junior Member

    A few minutes. The product works, I just don’t like the look of it.
  8. Iron Vett

    Iron Vett Member

    Mines cloudy but since it's for personal use I don't mind.

    Have you tried filtering while oil is cool yet it to see if that will filter out the crashed raws?
  9. Lukesky152

    Lukesky152 Member

    What was your procedure , just curious , I made tren ace handful of times , and not once u had issues at 100mg , the only compound up to date that gave me any issue was test cyp
  10. Iron Vett

    Iron Vett Member

    I've had cloudy tren ace. It's for personal use so I'm not that worried about it. But if filtered cool, the particulate shouldn't pass through the filter.