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    So just asking to my self about the horrible biopolithical discourse that feminism propulse regarding sexuality.

    I dont maybe Im a very conservadure person but Im tired of some people tell:"Look that bi" or that type of shit.

    What the hell??

    Where is creator of the rules?

    Why you would think that Im "bi" if I telling you like pussy,jerk w/pussy.Shit!!

    And the GOLD QUESTION to smartasses

    is" bi "who had a homo casual relation??

    This feminist discourse tells you bi is the passive part and the active part,in that example,is a man or least a "5"

    Shit mother fuckers I SAID BOTH PART ARE HOMO.PERIOD!!!!


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    I'm not even sure what the fugg your talking about.
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  3. chileandawg

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    Trying to understand that sexual category - "bi" - it is employed like a sort of the defense of "normal man" that covered his homo impulse.

    Its more easy explain all this shit like a microeconomic externality. When a real man is called bi an externality occurs regard the "normal male" that says "look that bi".


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    I like pancakes
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    Build a thousand bridges, your a bridge builder.

    Suck a dick once and........
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    Straight is straight.

    Gay is gay.

    Bisexual is bisexual.

    Let's not try to be obtuse here. There are lots of things I don't care for, understand or want to be associated with but by no means does that give me a reason to denigrate those who feel differently (except mindless, fuck that little fag). To think of a sexual preferences name as a "defense" is insane. To think feminism drives what gay or bisexual men call themselves is also insane. Stop thinking ddp7. It's not a strong suit of yours.
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  8. ickyrica

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    You're off the reservation dude. It's ok, we expect it from you. Your internal struggle with jerking off, using pct meds in the manner you do and struggling with all things sexual is humorous at best. Honestly, it's a black eye for all ime but it's your life.

    Try writing in your native language and using goggle translate. You might come off as less of a troll that way.
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  9. chileandawg

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    Well sorry not was my intention be a nasty person.

    But you are right,but your words have the half of the truth regarding the specific item of masterbation.Remember that sites like yourbrainonporn or sexualreboot help to the people with meds to help with crhonic jerk or porn addiction.

    I mean,im in a decent track
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    Ever hear the expression - "What you eat doesn't make me shit?"

    Who cares what people do in the privacy of their own bedroom or house? Only thing I personally don't care for is advertised sexuality of any orientation. The visible presentation that a man or a woman conveys to society shouldn't give any hints as to their sexual preference. But exaggerated accents and flamboyant or promiscuous clothing are unnecessary.
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    ok great i was offered my apologies,but yeah get your thinking.

    Its just,for a biopolithical example,when you go test in the chilean formal pharm the name of the brand is stereotype like "trans-test".
    With respect to trans,but to me this is a signal of a poor mentality.

    Imagine that the name of your shake protein were "efeminate fools whey",you would say shit thats my supp but dont like the name cuz is very offensive.

    With the sexual field is the same,understand?
  12. How are you guys responding to @chileandawg questions? I have no idea what he is trying say.

    Are you trying to discredit the label ”bisexual” and rather just categorize it as ”homosexuality” regardless if this person likes both males and females? Are you limiting your ideas to just bisexual males, or females as well?

    I see you post a lot of stuff about bisexuality and other topics concerning LGBTQ, as well as jerking off. It seems like you have a lot of built up repression, I'm certain they have gay bars in Chile.
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    Hey @chileandawg, if you change a lightbulb once it doesn't make you an electrician right? In all seriousness, please use a better translator. I like to laugh at crazy posts that are intelligible.
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    I feel like he uses google translate, then copies and paste into word and uses the synonym feature to pick the longest one regardless of whether it makes sense or not.
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  15. chileandawg

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    Ad-hominem attack isnt a reason.

    Repression not my thing,my intime sexual fantasy is with women.

    Trying to show you the reality- And I speak the english that I can dont like google- about the straight guy that is called bi by a "third impartial observator"

    That isnt possible.That observator in terms of the theory of observator,ALWAYS wiĺl be a person with specific sexual preferences,probably a real bi or a flexible-homie.Not my case like I said.

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    I wish I was gay, I would get laid so much more often lmaooo
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  17. Masshole is a very regional term. So regional, in fact, that I'd venture to say that most Americans outside of New England have never heard it before. And yet, there you are way down in Chile, using it like a nutmegger. One might speculate as to the reason...
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    Wow this threed seems to be very interesting.

    Great,just repeat what i learned in meso forum sir.

    And icki just relax,some pple like the literature.
  19. ickyrica

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    Lol. Good catch.

    I can assure you that you've learned one thing from meso. How did that nasty leg infection end up? You ever figure out that you need to filter the steroids? Mixing it up like pancake batter and injecting it isn't such a good idea, is it? How about a progress pic from all your nolva cycles? That nolva does wonders for those gains huh bro? I bet you look like a jelly donut with body hair.
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    I hadn't heard masshole before, you posted it in another thread the other day.
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