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    hey guys. looked online and other sites for info but really not getting anywhere. brief history. just turned 54 5ft 9 215 lbs 12 percent bf. been using tren test deca and dball off and on for a few years now anyways been wanting estrogen and prolactin checked for years and doc wouldnt do it. so i switched docs and got it done. years ago bought 4 i had all the signs of low t. went to doc i was 99. 76 to 650 was normal range so doc wouldnt do anything. i was off cycle and no i didnt do pct. ( i know i know) i had no sex drive no libido no desire tired ankles swelling emotional etc. so i went on test myselfdoc checked it again and i was 2100!!! but i still had the same problems. i wanted estrogen and prolactin checked but he wouldnt. finally he gave in after about a year and had prolactin checked. it was over the high range. i was like 19 and it was supposed to be no higher than 16. burt all doc did was send for mri. he wouldnt listen. mri came back fine but doc wouldnt address prolactin. so i switched docs this year like i said. he sent me to an endocrinologist. he listened i told him everything i had used all my symptoms etc. he sent me for blood work. here are the results
    total test 993 range 300-890 ng/dl
    shb 4.1 range 19.3-76.4
    test bio 924.3 range 130-680 ng/dl
    free test calc 394 range 47 -244 pg/ml
    free test % 4.0 range 1.6 - 2.9
    macro prolactin ( total) 15.5 range 4.0 - 15.2 ng/ml
    prolactin 14.5 range 3.3- 20.8 ng/ml
    fsh .66 range 1.55 -9.74
    lh .22 range 1.70 - 11.20
    and heres the kicker. total estrogens 411 pg/ml!!!! range male adult 40-115 pg/ml
    doc said estrogen fine and prolactin is fine but i need to lower testosterone asap cuz its a deadly amount!! mt rbc6.02 range 4.0 - 5.5 m/ul hgb 17.6 range 13.8 -17 g/dl and hct was 51.8 range 41.4 - 51 %. so doc had me give blood. he never broke down my estrogens but omg thats higher than a woman!! so whats my best route. i know he wants me off test cuz he thinks its aromatizing i want to keep test levels high and lower estrogens. im think an ai like anastrozal? what do you guys see on what i should do to get things bacl on track thanks
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    hey on the macro prolactin i just read the comments it said "macro prolactin was NOT detected. 50 % or less of serum prolactin precipitated following incubation with polyethylene glycol. total prolactin exceeds the upper limit of age/gender stratified reference interval. these results are consistent with hyperprolactinemia" . it says to moniyor other meds to see if they are causing it. im only taking bp pill ( lisinoprol ) and thats it other then the roids. thanks guys
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    How much test are you running it looks to be about cruise right now? I take 1mg adex a week split the day after pins on 500mg a week. Cruise at .5mg adex a week.
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    wow no one has any idea? i was hoping someone would
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    First off, have you ever heard of a "paragraph"? It's this thing that makes the English language, you know, readable...

    What else were you taking when you had the bloods pulled?

    Your testosterone level is not a deadly high level, that's absurd.

    My guess is you were taking tren around the time these bloods were pulled. Low SHBG and false e2 reading.
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    well to eman there is no need to be a dick but i guess thats how you are. and your wrong. no tren. so stop insulting people for no reason and stop guessing on things. if you want to cause arguments go to getbig. they love that childish behavior over there
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    Get thicker skin dude... I'm just messing with you.

    Also, I'm not arguing or beinh childish, I'm posting on here to make an attempt at helping you. I don't have much info to go off of... So guessing is all I can really do, you didn't even post your testosterone dosage.

    When was the last time you used another AAS besides test? There is another compound that is affecting these bloods, that is very very clear.

    When did you pull bloods after last pin? How many hours?

    Post more info dude, post less about being upset with me for picking on you for grammar .