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    My blood test results are dissapointing to say the least. These were taken after more than half a year since my last pct. I am 27 years old.

    How do you think I should proceed now Dr.Scally?

    FSH: 1.9 IU (1.1-13.3)

    LH: 1.5 IU (1.4-9.2)

    E2: 18pg/ml (5-70)

    PRL: 4.2ng/ml (2.1-17.7)

    Total testosterone: 370ng/dl (250-840)

    Free Testosterone: 9.9ng/dl (5.8-18)

    TSH: 1.30?IU/ml (0.27-4.2)

    FT4: 1.68ng/dl (0.93-1.7)
  2. jayb

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    What time of day where they taken? Makes a big difference with natty levels.
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  3. Reinheart

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    First thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
  4. Your body is hardly making any fsh and lh ,but your your total testosterone doesn't look too bad . I suggest running clomid for a month to see what happens. Also what's your body fat ?
  5. corageon

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    Morning time is when your test levels should be highest...and night time as well.
  6. Reinheart

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    My bf is 13% and when the sample was drown I hadn't worked out in 1 1/2 maybe 2 weeks.
  7. youngBuilder

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    TR can fluctuate up to 50% at any given moment. Your TT and free T look fine
  8. Your tt is not fine ignore that guy .

    I suggest running clomid for a month.
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  9. corageon

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    For 27 years old especially - it should at least be in the 600's or 700's.
  10. Reinheart

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    My thoughts exactly.
  11. youngBuilder

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    Ya? You sure you know what you're talking about? What makes you think T levels are always at a strait line?

    At 22 my TT was 303ng/dL and never touched gear. It was 602 last time I checked at 30 years old. Wanna explain that?

    Like I said, it can swing 50% at any given moment throughout the day. So one test is meaningless. You need to take it another 1-2 times. Of you don't believe me, ask Doc Scally and he'll tell you the same thing.

    Other drugs like Advil, allergy medicines etc., also can lower it temporarily.
  12. youngBuilder

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    And to add, since we know TT can swing 50% at any time throughout the day, he could be hitting levels in the 600-700ng range the same day he took the test. Or the other way - which is why I said you need another test.
  13. youngBuilder

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    Meant to type 'TT' not 'TR'
  14. Reinheart

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    Thanks for the input guys. The test levels may fluctuate throughout the day but what about LH and FSH?
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    Intense cardio and weightlifting combined with a lack of food and sleep can affect TT levels as well. I haven't noticed dramatic fluctuations in TT personally. Haven't had blood work after pct in awhile.
  16. TheGuy85

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    OP, what was your baseline TT b4 running gear.
  17. youngBuilder

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    Yes good point. Reminds me, 2 years ago by TT was at 385, post strict Ketogenic Diet, where it was 602 (my highest ever) 3 months before on a calorie surplus. Super high stress and cortisol levels can also suppress levels, just to add another into the mix...

    Also, you shouldnt really worry about it unless you're having libido or other issues. Natty T-levels really only matter (by matter I mean any significance in gain at certain levels) when you hit the 1000ng/dL threshold and beyond level, or if you're in the low/normal and below. If you're somewhere in the middle with a healthy range, having TT of 700 doesn't mean you'll necessarily gain better than your twin at 600.

    Dr. Scally gave me this link that illustrates my point:
    Testosterone Threshold Levels and Lean Tissue Mass Targets Needed to Enhance Skeletal Muscle Strength and Function: The HORMA Trial
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  18. ^ wrong it's natty levels do matter long term wise. I'm talking about 5 to 10 years
  19. corageon

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    Agreed, that's why everyone should do their research and not fuck with various parts of their body chemistry (artificially) before doing bloods.

    Benadryl and Cimetidine both have detrimental effects on testosterone AND Free T.

    SSRI's (especially Zoloft) lower testosterone and raise prolactin and cortisol.

    Cholesterol Drugs (Lipitor namely) will lower Testosterone.

    Beta Blockers (**olol prefix drugs, propanolol as example) will lower testosterone + thyroid function.

    Alpha-2 agonists (Clonidine) may decrease testosterone but increase Growth Hormone - Alpha-2 blockers (Yohimbine) may cause stress/panic/anxiety and lower testosterone and some will slightly raise prolactin. <-- This doesn't seem to apply if A1's and A2's are blocked simultaneously.

    Benzo's may lower test in SUPER high doses over time. But may enhance GH.

    Ketamine may decrease testosterone by blocking NMDA's. (mechanism of action).

    Chronic caffeine/stim abuse may weaken Adrenal production of steroids.

    Green Tea,Reishi,Black Tea,Saw Palmetto,Pygeum,Lycopene,Muira Puama and a whole host of other herbs may decrease DHT over time, though not as fast or potently as Proscar/propecia. Effects can still be significant.

    Research your herbs and natty supplements carefully.​
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  20. Reinheart

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    I can't say that my libido is good. Also I don't have any "morning wood" anymore. I do feel horny when I see a nice ass and think about sex in random places and timings though.

    Training wise I can't say I have any problems gaining strength or in gaining mass.

    I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety dissorder and have lot's of stress. No medication for me of any type.