Hormone blood work panel for PHARMACOM labs gear

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Dhulk72, May 31, 2016.

  1. Dhulk72

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    Taken 5 weeks into testosterone cycle. LH/FHS shutdown along with the sky high testosterone level equates to real gear. Pharmacom is no joke (obviously) upload_2016-5-31_17-11-0.png

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  2. trying to get big

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    Just for future reference if your gonna post bloods please KIND SIR dont skip details such as
    Amount pinned
    If you love BBWS its okay i do too
    Other then that thanks for the bloods man:)
  3. Dhulk72

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    Sorry man! 650mg/week sust E2D. And I rarely hit a buck 50, BBWS haha that's too much woman for me
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  4. trying to get big

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    If your pinning 650 a week id say say those numbers are really good. I always wondered what the correct protocol would be to get accurate readings on sust with all the diff esters.

    But 6000 regardless is good in my book. Thanks again
  5. Volley_Fire

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    So that's ~215mg in each pin? And how long after your last pin was blood drawn?
  6. Dhulk72

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    right, I also frontloaded with double this for the first week. I went to the clinic about an hour after my friday shot.
  7. Blitz Comet

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    Numbers are good.
  8. Michael7

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    Good numbers , thanks for sharing .
  9. Steroidify

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    Thank you Sir for sharing!