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    hey guys. looked online and other sites for info but really not getting anywhere. brief history. just turned 54 5ft 9 215 lbs 12 percent bf. been using tren test deca and dball off and on for a few years now anyways been wanting estrogen and prolactinchecked for years and doc wouldnt do it. so i switched docs and got it done. years ago bought 4 i had all the signs of low t. went to doc i was 99. 76 to 650 was normal range so doc wouldnt do anything. i was off cycle and no i didnt do pct. ( i know i know) i had no sex drive no libido no desire tired ankles swelling emotional etc. so i went on test myselfdoc checked it again and i was 2100!!! but i still had the same problems. i wanted estrogen and prolactin checked but he wouldnt. finally he gave in after about a year and had prolactin checked. it was over the high range. i was like 19 and it was supposed to be no higher than 16. burt all doc did was send for mri. he wouldnt listen. mri came back fine but doc wouldnt address prolactin. so i switched docs this year like i said. he sent me to an endocrinologist. he listened i told him everything i had used all my symptoms etc. he sent me for blood work. here are the results
    total test 993 range 300-890 ng/dl
    shb 4.1 range 19.3-76.4
    test bio 924.3 range 130-680 ng/dl
    free test calc 394 range 47 -244 pg/ml
    free test % 4.0 range 1.6 - 2.9
    macro prolactin ( total) 15.5 range 4.0 - 15.2 ng/ml
    prolactin 14.5 range 3.3- 20.8 ng/ml
    fsh .66 range 1.55 -9.74
    lh .22 range 1.70 - 11.20
    and heres the kicker. total estrogens 411 pg/ml!!!! range male adult 40-115 pg/ml
    doc said estrogen fine and prolactin is fine but i need to lower testosterone asap cuz its a deadly amount!! mt rbc6.02 range 4.0 - 5.5 m/ul hgb 17.6 range 13.8 -17 g/dl and hct was 51.8 range 41.4 - 51 %. so doc had me give blood. he never broke down my estrogens but omg thats higher than a woman!! so whats my best route. i know he wants me off test cuz he thinks its aromatizing i want to keep test levels high and lower estrogens. im think an ai like anastrozal? what do you guys see on what i should do to get things bacl on track thanks
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    @Michael Scally MD is knowledgeable and @Dr JIM @Eman helped me an I’m tagging them because idk how to help and they were helping me tbh an I’d like everyone tryin to come off steroids to get help and id really like to see a community like this that supports that
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    I think you have a hard time find a many Docs that agree with your doc in regards to estrogen.
    He is correct that one way to bring it down just to bring down your total testosterone. The other way to bring it down is with an aromotase inhibitor.
    Are you in the United States? If so start getting your own blood work done.
    What exactly are you taking right now and how much?
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    I already responded to your other thread but I'll repeat here -

    What other drugs were you taking? My guess is that you were using tren when these bloods were pulled.
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    Hormones are NOT the problem accept it or continue this pursuit at your own peril!

    What does that mean, you need to become a PATIENT and let doctors practice medicine.
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    I used to think the term practice was different when applied to doctors, compared to someone practicing a sport or a hobby.

    I've become convinced there is no difference... They are practicing through trial and error in my experience, at the patients expense. It's a good thing the internet exists these days, otherwise they'd never be kept accountable. I've had conversations with doctors that made me wonder how they made it through med school... I have begun to believe they just hand the licenses out these days.
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    Exactly! There is a another AAS other than T. That is clear, very clear.
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    So here's a question - if there OP had discontinued everything except for the testosterone, how long would you expect something like tren to affect these bloods? Days? Weeks? Months?
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    Depends on the ester
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    Does it? Consider estradiol... Some individuals can crash it and still take weeks or longer to build it back up while still taking exogenous testosterone.

    I suspect that SHBG can be affected for a few weeks post tren ace use... And subsequently free testosterone would be affected.
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    ok doc sent me to get estrogens checked( all types) they drew blood 2 vials then doc said that wasnt enough i had to go back they took 2 vials again. i went to see doc he hadnt gotten my blood work. he said to stop testosterone and my estrogen would come down ( duh) he wasnt gonna give me anything for estrogen or high prolactin. but guess what? he gave me a shot of 200 mg cyp!! wtf! i go back every month for it he wont let me inject at home. lol i got estrogens back . now remember my total estrogen was 411 pg/ml these numbers are estrodial ,serum 14. estrone <10. thats it. doesnt say if its ng/pl or what. also no total estrogen this time. wtf is wrong with these guys. i want to know exactly . i have started anastrozole last couple weeks. either fake or not taking enough. .50 ml every other day from a "research 'company