How Do I Keep Most Of My Gains??? HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by opilla36, Oct 4, 2007.

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    I don't know if you're onto something, JM, or if you are completely destroying your body's ability to produce natural Test. 60mgs of nolva in week one may make sense (sorry Ironhorse) if you're up over 46. However, hcg will just keep you shut down, at least help to do so. Taking aromasin along with Nolva does not make sense to me as you must be entirely stopping the return of your natural estrogen hormones. I don't know if there is a bounce-back effect when you quit the Aromasin or if you'll just be w/o the important effects of Estro later, but neither is good. But what really doesn't make sense to me is 12 weeks of nolvadex pct:eek:. Seems to me that your HPTA will become dependent on the Nolva intake and so won't produce Test w/o it. JM, do you understand that PCT is "post-cycle therapy" intended as a bridge to help your body's natural HPTA begin to do its work again? This means when your PCT is done, you go several weeks (usually about six) w/o any PCT drugs (and, also, of course, no AAS) at all. Tell me, do you take time off from anything after your 12 week PCT, or do you just get back on a AAS cycle? If the latter, then you're beginning cycles w/o having ever recovered at all. By now, your natural Test production from the HPTA must nearly be gone.

    But if you're really willing to do a 12 week cycle then two weeks later begin your 12 week PCT, & from what you've said you now go through 26 weeks (a half year) w/o anything before beginning your next AAS, then maybe your system might work. Sounds a bit self-defeating to me, time extension overkill. Is this what you do, or do you jump right back into a cycle after your 12 week PCT?


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    Personally, I would run nolva for 6 weeks at 20mg ED.

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    Oppila sp? Is that you in your avatar ? Anyways back to what rein told you...2 weeks after last inject of sust to start pct is not correct.The sust will be in your system a good 3 weeks I suggest (a former sust lover and user)wait 18-21 days after your last inject of sust then start nolva only 40 mgs is ok but just for 2-4 days..then drop to 20 mgs ed for 30 days..then taper 7 days at 10 mgs.Be sure and use some hcg during cycle at 500 ius ew and then during the 3 week waiting period you could use 500 ius every 3rd day untill you start nolva.:cool:
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    if someone doesnt have hcg can you use adex for the 3 weeks?
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    OMG !!!!! Yes..crush it up mix it with ba sterile and inject .5 mg eod for 3 weeks..your nuts will love you for this ! Guess i better tell you that i am just joking..would not want you to take me have lots to learn bro..use search engine..good luck.
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    No. Again, IGF is the answer with quality pct and diet and sleep and training... longer recovery and shorter workouts during the first few weeks...

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    at 250mg test ew . your not going to crash when you go off cycle as you would at higher doses. In my opinion 250 is a very weak dose. Of course you will make better gains than you would natural when you body is producing say 2-10 mg a day.
    To keep most of your gains use clomid pct. keep your cycles short 6-8 weeks with test and only a couple a year so you don't supress your natural production as much. you should be able to stay around 15lbs above your natural wt most of the year witha sound diet and good workout routine.
    good question bro. when its all said and done the way you keep most of your gains after a cycle is to start planning your next cycle otherwise in time it all goes.
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    GREAT GREAT STUFF GUYS!!! And No thats not me in my avatar.
    Just some girl...One of MANY!!! I appreciate all your feedback. This
    is the reason i joined and am happy to say iam glad i did. Very helpful
    and friendly people. I know the 250 Sus EW is low but like i said it was my
    first cycle and i wanted to get the feel for it first. I wouldnt want to start with
    500 EW then have possible bad side effects. At 250 EW i now realize the dose is low.

    Iam planning on taking 500 Sus EW along with Deca 300 EW for my second cycle.
    I cant wait. I am satisfied with the results of the 250 but i work hard and eat great
    i couldve gained close to what i have gained now maybe without the Sus. Oh well.
    I thank everyone once again have a great day and Lift Hard!!!
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    My 1st cycle I gained 20 lbs on 250 sust for 13 weeks..the 250 mgs per week was dosed fine for me.On your second cycle though use 400 deca not will thank me later !