How do you block GPS on your cell phone?

Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by Your Endo, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Your Endo

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    I thought I once heard that you could buy a kevlar case to block the GPS on your phone... but perhaps Im mistaken.

    Anyone know how to block the GPS on a cell phone? -Your Endo
  2. SLick

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    i never knew cells had gps...

    never knew they had gps.....always thought they could trace the call through the cell cites youre hitting...if its gps i think aluminum foil throws that off....but no idea bro..that must be some grid if all celss have gps...must just be a screen with dots all over.

  3. krom

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    most of the new nextel phones are gps enabled. We are getting them for our drivers to track them online. It will even give you a prior months history of their whereabouts.

    My gf has a nextel I-730 and you can get your current coordinates from it.
  4. crewboss

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    yeah a lot of new phones are equipped w/ gps for the e-911 service. i agree the implications of cell phone gps are scary. another service they're testing out using the gps feature is a real-time tracking service for parents who give their kids a phone. i thik that's a great idea.
  5. ramboj70

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    now you can check on your wifes, LOL and girl friends, emagine she tells you she is going to her friends house and you track her with gps and find out she is at a hotel getting her pussy pumped very hard by another guy, haaaa bhaaaa LOL
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    You guys better watch out then.You might get busted when you tell your wife you are going to the gym when you going to bang your 18 yr old mistress.She will get ya. :D
  7. Your Endo

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    Wonderfull... this thread has been lost... ;-)

    Anyone have any info on this. As far as I know ALL cell phones produced for the USA have built in GPS (whether you know it or not). There has got to be some kind of GPS blocking case I can use... right? -Your Endo
  8. liquid

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    The answer to your question is no you can not block the GPS with a "case". Anything that would interfere with the GPS signal would effect you reception to the base station. You could possibly disable GPS if you knew an engineer who worked for the company that manufactured the radio. However a much simpler solution would be to use a cheap "pay as you go phone" that doesn't have GPS. Any of the old verizon radios don't have this feature. Actually if you go to any carrier they are going to have some low end model old that will not have this feature, in the next year this will not be the case but all of those old phones will still work.
  9. ramboj70

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    bro I know what your are talking about and there is a place in that phone you go to to turn it off, all phones have them it would be againest the law to have them stay on all the time, its your phone you have the right to want it on or not, otherwise just turn the phone compleatly off, right before I got out of Marines we were using gps and there is always a way to shut it down, give the make and model of phone I will check for you
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  11. quedog123

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    there is a mandate by 2005 for all phones to be equipt with gps. rambo is almost right about just turning it off most of the phones are suposed to be able to just be shut off to disable it. however this is not tru with every phone the other way is to open up the phone locate the GPS chip and remove it should not mess up you phone but let me do some research before any of yous do this. i am stil looking for a way to disable without removing encase you ever do need the E-911 service.
  12. quedog123

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    Interesting article

    Back in the beginning, the good'ol gov decided that there should be a method
    for locating a cell phone... actually, it was the NENA group, created to
    serve the goals of the 9-1-1 people. There were a lot of methods suggested
    but it boiled-down to two systems. One was called the "Tower Solution" and
    the other is known as the "Chip Solution". Most cell phones use the Chip
    Solution. What's going on in your phone is this... (by the way, your phone
    can not, does not, and never will, receive any signals from any satellites
    in orbit) There is an IC in your phone that compares a timing signal received
    from the local cell towers and derives a value from the data. That value is
    included with the data portion of any cell call you make and in some special
    conditions, calls and data messages sent to your phone. When that information
    is processed at the "head-in", your location (the location of the phone when
    the data was generated) can be "detected" and then sent to the party who needs
    it (usually your local 9-1-1 site). The information is known as "Phase 2 ALI
    data". Unless you use "social engineering" on your local 9-1-1 Call Taker, you
    will not get any use from your phone's "GPS" feature.

    Personal comment: The use of the term GPS by the cell phone industry is pure
    hype. It should have never been allowed. There is no GPS system involved in
    the phone. The only relationship GPS has to all this location stuff is that
    the cell sites use the Time Mark data from the GPS to synchronize the cell
    system. The location of the cell site is known and does not move.
  13. Your Endo

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    Sorry liquid, I did mean that I just wanted to be able to block the GPS for a short time when I wasnt using the phone. Just something that would block the EMI, radio, whatever signal. I know there is some matierial that does this.... and I think just shutting off the phone does not do the trick.

    Fina, you said magnet? You mean just hold a magenet over the phone...? Will it harm the phone?

    -Your Endo

  14. taroldleme010

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    If so I will use a phone jamme directly when I do not want others to know my position and it will be even better to use the pone and GPS blocker as it can cut off the signals of mobile phone and GPS signal tracking device at the same time and really perfect.
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    Nice 9 year bump man.. You beat the 8 year bump from earlier this week!!
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    I'm curious as to why you registered on a steroid forum to search for posts about GPS signals in cell phones from almost 10 years ago.. Very interesting first post, it's up there as far as I'm concerned..
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    I thought about bumping a post from the early 2000's just to see how many would bite. Then I realized that there is too much shit to read on here that's current.
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    Holy shit I started reading saw in a post something about " newer nextel phones". I thought the guy once a tard but it was 2004.

    To your question I don't have a clue, I don't like being able to be tracked, but can't function w/o my tele yo
  19. BBC3

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    Well, its a good bump. I pretty much thought that you could completely disable a cell phone from network or gps by a simple faraday cage type foil, but of course the phone is disabled. THE MAGNET thing is interesting as he may be connotating that you can spoof the GPS while still using the cellular signal. Of course antenna triangulation is pretty accurate these days.. Regardless..

  20. Juice n Goose

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    I have to agree,Triangulation has been the norm since radio became a true contender in the 1920's.

    Still used in the miliary to excellent effect. but just like "burst radar" it may depend on how long your signal persists.

    My understanding is that if you pull the battery on a blackberry and put her back in the lock on last tower used is vacated.

    I just shut off my GPS. I got this from RIM..the true programmers and the heart of Blackberry!

    But..what do I know?