How do you feel on TRT?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Vash1986, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Vash1986 Junior Member

    Hi everybody. I wanted to ask...Exactly how do you feel on testosterone injections? Does it just give you a sense of well-being and increased muscular mass, or does it also greatly affect your libido and erections?

    I'm 24 years old and suffer low-t symptoms. Labwork tells i have mid-low total-T levels (usually 350 to 450 ng/dL in morning samples). Thyroid and adrenal glands work fine.

    All my friends of my age masturbate from once to twice a day and always get excited when they see nice girls. Some didn't even have a refractary period until a few years ago!

    And i feel i'm like a 50y old man. I have very weak and short morning erections, I want to have sex only twice a week and sometimes have problems getting excited. Once i have sex, i don't feel any desire at all for many hours, sometimes even days. I don't even bother if i watch a porn movie or if my girlfriends lies naked in front of me. It often happens that i loose erection while being inside her, and a few times a month i don't even achieve erection, even if i try to masturbate alone.

    My previous doc put me on tgel but the results weren't satisfying. I'm going to see a new endo next month and i was wondering if it makes sense to try testosterone injections.

    I read many posts in the forum and what i see is that almost everybody has big problems in maintaining optimal libido on TRT. Some people feel good just in the first months and then libido drops off. Other people get trouble from high estrogen, and so on...

    Isn't anybody here experiencing good results from TRT? Do you feel horny like a 20 year old or do you just feel satisfied?

    And how does exogenous T affect your ejaculation? Do you eject less liquid because of reduced testicular activity?
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    James23 Member

    I feel like shit with TRT. I know exactly what you are talking about.

    Check your SHBG levels. If low, you're fucked in the libido department, TRT or not. ;)
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    1erCru Member

    What constitues a low SHBG. Mine has been measured at 23 and 18. Was wondering by how much proper TRT can lower SHBG.
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    DragonRider Junior Member

    Need more information.
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    DragonRider Junior Member

    Not so sure. I do pretty well when E2 matches my SHBG number. One of my problems has been looking for natural aromatase inhibitors (zinc, DIM, Erase, resveratrol etc) because my doctor don't do AI's.
    Most men's problems managing estrogen comes from trying to do it by "feel" instead of lab work.
    I never get itchy or puffy nipples. I can't use that as a guage. The symptoms of too high and too low estrogen are the same, so without getting bloodwork, no one really knows where they are at.
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    zkt Member

    You probably feet like shit anyway and are confusing causes and effects
    I feel great and have from the beginning with icSIONble boiuts with estrogen( treATble)
    shots, hcg, patch,gel, ....
    (Hate this keybord)
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    Vash1986 Junior Member


    november 2010: 12nmol/l
    june 2011: 14nmol/l
    july 2011: 22nmol/l

    prolactin is 6 ng/ml (range 2-18) even when i'm stressed. Measured it twice, once in 2010 and in 2011.

    Estradiol seems fine too. Goes up only when i'm heavily stressed.
    Normal levels: 25 pg/ml (nov 2010)
    Stressed levels: 45 pg/ml (june 2011)

    And anyway, i had no libido increase on zinc, and had loss of libido on arimidex, 0.25mg EOD.
    Unfortunately i don't know if my lab does a sensitive test.
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    James23 Member

    SHBG was low. Figures.

    Interesting that you were almost able to double it, though. Did that last reading (22) come during TRT?
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    DragonRider Junior Member

    Those numbers look good. If estrogen is normally at 25pg (excellent) then arimadex at .25 mg EOD certainly tanked your levels. You wouldn't need it at all at that level. On the other hand, if you went up to 45pg while using the gel, many men lose function at that level even though it is considered in range.

    Do you know what the gel did to your testosterone levels? You may not absorb it well.
    Did they test thyroid? Are you diabetic or does diabetes run in your family?
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    Vash1986 Junior Member

    Thyroid and adrenal function are both great: i had FT3 and FT4 in the high range and TSH in the low range even in the afternoon! Cortisol, ACTH and DHEA-S are perfect too.

    I have no diabetes or metabolic syndrome. My glucose levels are below 100, my insulin curve was great, triglycerides and cholesterol are excellent too.

    I have no excess fat. Just something on my belly partially hiding abs. My diet has some fiber, i get vitamins and omega3, and daily 120g protein, 300g carbs and 60g fat. I'm 172cm @ 65kg. I train 5xWeek 45-60 minutes at bodyweight in parks or swimming. In some periods of the year i workout 3xweek 90mins in the gym with weights.

    Tgel gives me a libido spike after the 3rd day, it does well for about a month and then libido drops off again. Labwork tells that tgel lowers both total testosterone and shbg, while i get higher dht and free testosterone.

    It just seems that the hypothalamus wants mid-low levels :(

    I'm wondering why my doc never tried a gnrh or clomid stimulation test.
    Anyway I had depression and anxiety some years ago. Perhaps my androgen receptors in the hypothalamus are downregulated and my hpta axis needs a restart.
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    DragonRider Junior Member

    I hope this doesn't sound judgemental, because it definately is not intended to. Between getting married very young (20) (and divorced by 22) and then discovering that there were literally millions of girls my age giving it away, I quit masterbating when I was 20 years old. I discovered after getting married and getting the real thing for a period of time, that even when she didn't feel like it, I had lost my ability to get an erection for anything exept the real thing. At the time I was stationed in Germany in the military and they had all kinds of bars that showed XXX porn. I absolutely could not get excited even back then by porn. The only thing that works for me is the visual stimulus of a real live naked female. When I was in the military, there was always at least one or two guys on the base that never even dated. Girls would just show up at their rooms and give them sex. From what I've been told, the same thing is true at most colleges.

    That said, women have not changed much since since the 70's. If anything, I would guess an even greater percentage are just giving it away. I don't understand why any male over 18 would ever have to masterbate?

    I can't help but wonder if it isn't a natural thing to lose this ability either through some guilt mechanism OR whether one believes in God or not, perhaps a mechanism he has built in to men to insure they would marry and procreate.

    As far as the OP's original question, it sounds as if the gel did not absorb well enough to raise test levels into the desireable range. You wouldn't know if injections would improve your respone unless you tried.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    How do you know this? LOL What is your age???

    I do not insider myself out of the norm and I do not recall ever discussing masturbation, particularly frequency.

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    James23 Member

    I can't speak for the OP, however it is easy to tell when your sex drive is abnormal.

    Complete absence of spontaneous erections, absence of morning erections and absence of nocturnal emissions are a great indicator that someone is horribly wrong.

    That's my current situation.
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    CubbieBlue Member

    Really? I haven't had a spontaneous (truly spontaneous) erection since 7th grade. I've asked friends and they say they haven't either. I mean, I can get an erection if I'm getting a lap dance or talking to a hot girl I wanna bone, but I ain't getting a boner just sitting there at work.
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    James23 Member

    How old are you? Aren't you, like, 45?

    I used to get them in high school and college, and so did everyone else I know. Plus, you didn't say anything about morning erections. They don't get those, either? They're supposed to...

    Also, I can't get one from a lap dance, or from a naked girl I want to bone. Manual stimulation, ONLY, and it's a semi.
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    beav7 Junior Member

    Why should they lie about jacking off? This makes no sense.
    I also chatted with someone a while ago and asked him how often he has sex with his gf and it was like he's horny all the time and has sex and also masturbates and I don't think that he's such an exception. I couldn't even comprehend this but I think that when your hormones are in balance you should be horny often and if you're not then something's wrong.
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    DragonRider Junior Member

    That makes two of us. I can't even imagine a scenario where this would come up in a conversation with any other male, especially a friend.

    A better question might be, why would you even discuss the subject? The only reason we discuss this embarassing shit on here is because we are nameless and faceless behind our computer screens.
    I for one, would never discuss this with anyone in person.
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    Tyler81 Member

    when i first started testim i was getting spontaneous boners in the mall just LOOKING at chicks. it was srsly awesome and sorta embarassing :p

    it was probably a combination of dopamine and the fact i was starved for testosterone. that effect sadly went away
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    Vash1986 Junior Member

    It's not like this in Sicily

    Well i do discuss masturbation with my friends :)
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    DragonRider Junior Member

    I can't help but wonder idf this happened because you stopped absorbing it consistantly and maybe injecting might have solved the problem.

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