How do you know you hit a vein?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Novice_Safefreak, Dec 7, 2005.

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    Novice_Safefreak Junior Member

    Hi there,

    Man, I feel like every week just narrowly miss death!

    Last injection I took, there was a little more blood than usual,
    sort of a, drop, drop, drop, drop, that leaked from my butt,
    but after three seconds of pressure with a tissue, it closed up.

    Made me a bit worried, so just wondering,
    is there a sure fire way to know you fudged it up, and hit a vein?

    I'm looking for perhaps pain sensations, of any visible evidence.
    It's a bit hard for me to do the aspirating thing with the syringe,
    as I always end up turning the needle around and around and causing
    more damage to myself... Ow, ow ow!

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    chris gordon

    chris gordon Junior Member

    thats why i prefer to shoot quads or delts or tris..anything besides glutes...ALWAYS aspirate...thats the only way to know...sometimes you will pass thru a vein....doesnt matter as long as when you aspirate you get a bubble and not blood, generally when im in a vein the needle will feel like its stuck in me tighter, it will have more resistance when pulling the needle back out, also its quite normal to bleed a few drops from an injection, you did just punch a hole in your body right?

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    No mercy

    No mercy Junior Member

    When I hit a vein I know it right away. I shoot in my glutes and its a much more stinging sensation. You always have to aspirate to confirm it though, if any blood come into that barrel, you hit a vein.
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    mr.nitro Member

    I do glute injections also and I asperate one handed. all I ever get is suction, but if I was to hit a vein the blood would fill up in the syringe rather easy due to the blood presure.
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    Novice_Safefreak Junior Member

    I had just taken my third injection at the time of writing,
    and of course I tried to aspirate, but all I ended up doing was turning
    the needle around and around and causing myself a world o' hurt.

    Then I just said, f-it and pushed the liquid in.
    I felt fine after, just that drops of blood kept trickling out my cheek,
    and it seemed a bit much.

    Searched for posts with vein stuff, and it seems alot of guys bleed,
    especially after lots of AAS, so its probably cool.

    Aspirating doesn't really work for me, but at least it sounds like I will
    definately feel it when I punch a vein. Will try to keep checking the syringe,
    but I guess I will for the most part just be feeling my way around...

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    Bigkarch Member

    easy'll know..
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    mr.nitro Member

    I think you should at leat try to asperate. just sounds risky otherwize
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    manfreakca Junior Member

    once u pull it out and bleeds like fuck youll know then
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    Bigkarch Member will know...

    How do you know when you are kicked in the'll know

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