How do you protect against a virus?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by ludi_janez, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. ludi_janez

    ludi_janez Member

    I feel a virus infection coming up, my throat hurts when i breathe in deeply. I think my hcg somehow got infected. Is there a way i can protect against a viral infection? I took aspirin 250mg hope that will help.

    I got pericarditis 2 weeks ago, started the same way. But didnt know why. Now i think something is in my hcg-a virus i think. I took 2,5ml of the solution last few days.

    hope i will be ok

    and im not going to doctor yet. its just slight pain i feel. anxious because of that.
  2. Apexvallen

    Apexvallen Member Supporter

    What is this, the new Resident Evil movie?

    Why do you think there's a virus in your vial of hcg?
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  3. ludi_janez

    ludi_janez Member

    I dont know about that movie mate. Must be a great movie.
    I just think its contamined since i didnt filter the ba. Stupid yes, i know
    Im not fucking around with what i injext anymore
  4. GianT_SlayeR

    GianT_SlayeR Member

    Always wear a rubber
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  5. ludi_janez

    ludi_janez Member

    What you mean i wear it every time. You mean gloves or sumthin
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  6. ickyrica

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    You could use a glove but my ding a ling won't fit in a finger slot.
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  7. clear0cn

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    I just finished one of the worse flu I never had in years, it lasted almost 2 weeks. I thought it might my hcg/test but it's all gone now and I'm still on it so it might just be a coincidence.
  8. GianT_SlayeR

    GianT_SlayeR Member

    Exactly. For instance I cut the pinky finger off and wear that around constantly. I like to be prepared for anything
  9. ludi_janez

    ludi_janez Member

    Thats good. But i would expect you to do that with the middle finger. Or thumb
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  10. Burrr

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    Not sure what you mean by filtering the BA?
    Viruses are so small they go through any filter.
    The bacteriostatic water should be virus free as should the hcg powder you mixed with it.
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  11. ludi_janez

    ludi_janez Member

    Yes viruses go through any filter. Heat will destroy them though. I didn't heat the homemade bac water or the BA.

    But you need to filter the BA, because the supplier buys it in bulk and just transfers it into smaller bottles. There are a few really small particles in mine.
    We need to be careful.. and take all the safety measures