How does Facebook put info together?

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  1. One of the big guys at the gym said if I ever needed to ask him anything that he would give me his contact info. He texted me his email address and I saved his phone number and email to my phone. I emailed him once. Today his facebook page popped up on my facebook page as 'People I might Know'. I did not want to see his personal info and I am sure he did not want me to have it. Is my facebook page going to pop up on everyone that I emailed as people they might know? This is more then just a little fucked up.
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    If you installed Facebook messenger at any point, it asks for permission to access your contact list. Anyone past, present, or future that is on your contact list (as long as you have Messenger installed) will inevitably end up as part of Facebook's data mining. I use the messenger option inside Safari/Chrome instead as I refuse to install Messenger for this reason.
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    Facebook even goes as far as Google things that u look up online show up on newsfeed like ads and where to buy stuff. Facebook is the ultimate hacker lol
  4. Makes sense. How can i uninstall or disallow at this point?
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    Data mining is a huge business. Next time you download, or update any app ask yourself why they need access to what they're asking for. With GPS they can track your every move to help determine how to market that Big Mac as you drive by McD's. By cross referencing what you like to what your contacts like they're able to get a pretty good idea of what they're able to sell to outside vendors, you, & your friends. Most everyone volunteers the info when signing up, all they have to do is ask the questions. A lot of times people you know grant access so companies already have a lot on you, and then when you do come along giving them a smidgen of your data all they have to do is cross reference.
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    On iPhone, uninstall Facebook Messenger and under Settings > Facebook make sure you are logged out. This login is where all of the "integration" (as they call it) is essentially initiated. I presume it's similar on Android. Now FB will keep all the info they have of course, but they won't harvest any new contact info once you've done this. As noted above though, they do track you via cookies, your photos, status updates, etc. for the purposes of marketing.
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    Yeah this happened to me...but a I lil more fucked up..
    Let a chick we spent a weekend with use my phone...she made a call to a gmail circle thing added it to a list of numbers in some favorite app. 2 weeks later phone rings with dude looking for the girl tell hadn't seen her etc he hangs day he shows up as someone u might know...go to Google plus find him there two, run his number and it comes back to four different people with different last names..
    Go to linkedin, Facebook etc etc find all names same address and probably same person. Really weird. Don't know him personally but know alot about all of them/him.
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