How does LE use these forums to try to bust or entrap us?

Discussion in 'Steroid Legal Forum' started by Texas.Redneck, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. Texas.Redneck

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    I don't see very much knowledge share at all about how LE use these forums to get info and bust people. I also couldn't find much info on how they made the big operation cyber juice bust when I was searching it on google. the articles and stuff kept the details about the actual busting them on the DL. So anyone have insight here? like do cops just troll around and try to befriend us on here and figure out who the distributors are and all that?

    I've read plenty of info on receiving packages and all the legalities of that. The rick Collins stickies are great reads in steroid laws section.
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    When in doubt ask them if they're really cops
    I mean ask them like it's official. These days anyone can find the proper legal jargon in the Internet.

    Now who's the Saul Goodman of the steroid world?

    Hint: he ain't Rick Collins.
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  3. Texas.Redneck

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    I’m not 100% sure about that. First, I think that might be a myth altogether. Second the cops in sting ops will use “actors” i’ve seen police reports that referred to the person doing the convincing as an “actor” not an undercover or anykne affiliated with a law enforecement (at least like not employed by a police angency).
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    @Texas.Redneck I think @master.on was kidding bud..or I hope can legally lie to you so it wouldn't make a difference in asking them. I'm sure there are a few LE that cruse forums, not this one specifically, but others after a drug bust and if forums were found in regard to the evidence of the arrest/bust.
  5. master.on

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    When they surf boards, they're mostly looking for
    1 Anything fent
    2 "Legal" highs and other synthetic drugs. "Mainstream" hard rec drugs are rarely sold online.
    3 Domestic steroid sources.
    4 Eventually international sources mailing steroids here
    5 It's unlikely they'd go after individual users. At worst they're after tips on new domestic sources.
  6. Texas.Redneck

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    I’m after tips on domestic sources! Not necessarily the newest hot UGL. If you have any suggestions PM me and save a fellow member from making a bad decision on BOP forum! Lol.
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    Do your research. No one is going to tip you off on sources here.
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    Thanks. That was helpful.
  9. Texas.Redneck

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    I also don’t understand this Meso RX mentality of go fuck yourself we arent “spoon feeding” you any sources.

    (1) your not really hiding anything. Take your average steroid user like me. I spent a good part of my dayoff on sunday pouring through this and another forum trying to figure out what domestic lab I should try since I havent made an order in over a year. That was about all the time I had to dedicate to the task (maybe 4-5 hours). You don’t think the DEA can’t just assign some rookie detective who will spend like 40 hours a week on this forum? They’ll figure out way more than I could on my sunday afternoon and probably has some nerdy IT guys helping him do search engines for key words and all that and hack into PM’s.

    (2) your just costing the good sources money and custormers by not sharing word of mouth.

    (3) you aren’t really protecting them. Their protection and risk mitigation is in the secure emails, wu or bitcoin pmt process and their discreet packaging and delivery methods.
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  10. John Q. Member tells you, "x lab is g2g, you buy now!." You do, then the lab goes belly up and you get scammed. John Q. Member now looks like a piece of shit, has his handle tied to a failed lab, but still wants members to trust him and his advice.

    Why let someone do the thinking for you? If i told you Trinity Labs was "g2g" would you blindy trust me and send him your money?

    i would hope not. Typically, when someone comes around and tells you how wonderful a particular lab is, it's because they have a vested interest.

    You need to find what works best for you. There are plenty of sources in the underground. Read through their threads and make an educated decision for yourself.

    If you're looking for "the unicorn" the lab with nothing but glowingly positive feedback, you're never going to find what you're looking for.

    BTW, Trinity Labs is a scammer. Don't misunderstand and think i was dropping a hint. i definitely wasn't.
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    LE can't use something one writes on a forum (the Internet in general). Same as when you say something about steroids on youtube.
    They could use it if they get you on something else and take your pct and your still logged in. And still then not 100% that they can/use use it as evidence.
  12. Texas.Redneck

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    No but if john q member and john A member and john B member all separately unlreated seem to like a particular source AND one of the guys on here who has given me good cycle advice before privately tells me yeah he’s heard good things about that source, then it would go on my short list of places to consider placing a minimum order at as a test run.

  13. Millard Baker

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    I'm convinced that 99% of donestic steroid UGL manufacturing/trafficking investigations start offline with intercepted international raw powder or finished product. I have never read court documents, press releases or news reports indicating the investigation was initiated by anything found online. And even the cases that were not triggered by seized packages usually came about as the result of an anonymous tip, snitch, traffic stop, etc.

    Even the @musclehead320 / Onyx Pharmaceutical case, which had one of the most extensive and incriminating online/social media digital trails of any domestic source that I've seen recently, wasn't started as a result of LE browsing the Internet forums The investigation started only after Amgen reported them to the feds.

    I am not saying LE doesn't collect extensive info on sources by browsing internet forums and social media. They do. They just primarily do so after they have obtained a target offline and need to build a criminal case.
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    Operation Cyber Juice was NOT one big bust. It was a bunch of smaller unrelated DEA-led steroid busts that occurred over a 1-2 year period that were lumped together under the Operation Cyber Juice name for marketing and public relations purposes to give the appearance of a massive bust.
  15. master.on

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    It is puzzling
    Everyone was expecting a nasty September (month when most steroid usually busts happen) even boards had little activity last year.

    But nothing, no big steroid busts since Trump admin took office
    especially puzzling since NSA seems to be able to crack encrypted Emails, so what prevents them from knowing in advance when a large steroid shipment is going to arrive, and what address it's going to be delivered to

    I wonder if it has to do with fent being given the highest priority by far, and everything else placed in the back burner.
  16. luex

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    Maybe one day gear will be legalized :rolleyes:
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  17. Savagesteve

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    @MisterSuperGod explained this as to why I think most of us don’t give out sources or say they’re gtg.

    You can easily read what John A and John B say about a source in their thread and make an Informed decision based on your own research. The elite labs thread is a good one to read and see why at least us non shill and non dick riding members won’t point you in the direction of a source because they can go to shit at the drop of a hat.
  18. Texas.Redneck

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    good point. I saw that.
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    That would be nice but could you imagine every noob here actually having access to these hormones? Holy shit we’d all be in trouble in the steroid community. If you make it hard, mostly the dedicated go in search for it. If you make it easy every kid on insta would be taking tren!
  20. Texas.Redneck

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    It needs to be legal for doctors to prescribe in the US for aesthetic and performance purposes under doctors supervision. The average demographic steroid user is like 30-50 year olds. Like the real UGL steroid market is primarily driven by the 30-50 year old guys that (A) have the money to spend and (B) just want to stay in shape like they were when they were in their 20's. Yeah there is the dumbass noobs in college that want to get all jacked up on hormones when he's only like 5'11 and 155lbs. Underground will still be way cheaper route to go though but at least it's somewhat legalized. Women go to get their botox and whatever crap they want and guys go to doctor and get their Spring Cycle stack prescribed and monitored with labs.