how does TRT affect glucose levels?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by imrj, Dec 16, 2010.

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    imrj Junior Member

    it seems after starting TRT I have developed hypoglycemia of some sort.....had an oral glucose tolerance test done and here are the results, the lab retards goofed and didnt measure insulin levels dont have that....

    Range is 65-99 md/dL
    Time 1 - Fasting
    80 mg/dL
    Time 2 - After 30m 75g Glucose Solution
    103 mg/dL
    Time 3 - After 1hr 75g Glucose Solution
    79 mg/dL
    Time 4 - After 2hrs 75g Glucose Solution
    64 mg/dL

    In a previous lab I was suppose to fast but I didnt by mistake, and even the my glucose level was only 63 mg/dL like 1.5hrs after having cereal/milk breakfast, instead of fasting!!!

    I feel like crap, if I dont get sugar every 2-3hrs I start to shake and tremble, feel restless, cant concentrate...keep waking up at 4am totally starving to death.....

    not sure whats going on, dont think I had this issue before TRT pretty sure....another out range number thats been rising on me is the igf-1 after now at 521 and range is 106-255 ng/mL......

    as usual endo just dismissed it saying just always eat sugar with
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    DragonRider Junior Member

    It generally improves insulin sensativity. Many diabetics have to lower or adjust their medications after starting TRT.
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    chemman Member

    Same problem here man. But I had the hypoglycemia setting in even before TRT. On TRT at first it was horrible. Now it comes and goes and really sucks. It's hard to do much of anything in that state. I can't figure out if it is related to cortisol levels or what.
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    imrj Junior Member

    dam that sucks....i was looking for a gleam of hope.....this crap sucks big time....I was always a little low on sugar before TRT but not this bad. I also have low cortisol but endo doesnt think is that just concerned about the escalating igf-1 levels since TRT....not sure what to make out of that, I know IGF-1 is not insulin itself but the endo says thats why I have low sugar, yet tells me just to eat less sugary stuff....

    does anyone know the reasons for elevating IGF-1 levels whilst on TRT??
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    sailing man

    sailing man Junior Member

    It was one of the main reasons I went on TRT. My metabolic syndrome has reversed in just four months, and I have returned into mid range normal blood sugars. There are several large studies listed on the web, most in Europe, but all show improvement in blood sugar control in 80% of the study group. I would love to have a tolerance as good as yours.
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    chemman Member

    Hypoglycemia will ruine your day! Whereas diabetes is more of a silent killer at first, low blood sugar has immediate deleterious effects, including possible death. Furthermore, if it doesn't kill you, a few weeks of constant low blood sugar will make you wish you were dead!
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    chemman Member

    Hypoglycemia is a relatively common issue for people with multiple endocrine system dysfunctions. Try to get more data on the low cortisol. They don't call 'em glucocorticoids for nothing!
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    imrj Junior Member

    like chemman said, low sugar is a biotch hits your brain pretty hard and I have a mentally intensive job, this stuff just kills me....

    well speakin of the devil, just got the ZRT cortisol results in mail and sure AM levels are low.....I've been supplementing with Isocort (4 pills in AM and 4 in afternoon) and I guess it shows why the levels rise .....but I cant make out the huge spike in afternoon....I dose the Isocort at 9am and 3pm but still doesnt add up......

    I know am secondary adrenal due to pituitary but dam endo wont do anything about it...its a mixed bag out there with hydrocostisone treatment, between good and bad long term....and she wont budge on it.
    Marianco advocates an SSRI approach rather than HC which I have read and I am on 10mg Lexapro, and while it takes away some of the agony, it sure as hell doesnt restore energy or mental state

    the problem is that I dont show signs of all low cortisol symptoms, like I dont have low blood pressure or weight loss and several others....just fatigue, tiredness which I was more thinking is related to the low glucose.....any ideas? really getting lost in all this crap....frustrating
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    imrj Junior Member

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    chemman Member

    Saliva cortisol results, especially those from the lab you used, are virtually useless. Do a 24-hour urinary free cortisol test. You can buy it at privatemdlabs for about 60 bucks if your doctor refuses.

    How did you verify low cortisol before? AM serum cortisol? Combine that with your symptoms and you might need some help with your cprtisol levels. Knowing your medical history would be helpful as well...
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    imrj Junior Member

    I have had low cortisol probably forever although has been only checked since 8 months ago with blood work, has never been above 5 ug/dL in AM and ACTH never above 10 pg/mL (range 0 - 50) due to hypopituarism
    had an ACTH stim test done and my corsitol shot up from 4 all the way to 27 indicating my adrenal is quite healthy...just not stimulated by pit (ACTH) to make cortisol.....but no treatment as endo refuses..I did the saliva test cause I heard its much more accurate and over a 24hr now to hear it I will give urine test a shot, but everything pretty much has confirmed so far its low....but I dont show many of the common issues with low cortisol like low BP, weight loss, etc....

    on another topic, isnt my case an example that adrenal shutdown via exogenous cortisone is total BS?? I mean my adrenal is barely making any cortisol so I would have figured that it would have atrophy and shutdown due to lack of ACTH stimulation and all that by now, but it seems to be working just fine when ACTH stim test was this whole adrenal fatigue stuff a myth then?
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    chemman Member

    You got it, adrenal fatigue doesn't really exist per say. The adrenals, unless physically or metabolically damaged, will pump out cortisol. Just look at people with Cushing's disease. Tons of cortisol with no end in sight.

    I think the real issue is when the HPA cannot make enough cortisol for the body's current damaged state: heavy inflammation, infection, etc.

    I put out "normal" cortisol levels but had a few episodes that were very similar to an addisonian crisis.

    But in your case, it is clear that you have low cortisol. Not treating it is malpractice in my opinion. That shit can kill you.

    As far as shutting down the adrenal glands with exogeneous cortisol, it can happen. But you really have to suppress that ACTH over a period of time. Your body is making enough ACTH to keep the glands going somewhat [you haven't keeled over and died yet] but not enough to be normal. So they still work under stimulation. Same thing would happen for a dude with secondary hypogonadism with healthy nuts. You could stimulate them with LH or hcg and get a response, but they could stop working after a period of completely shutting down LH signaling with exogeneous testosterone.

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