How high concentration can I go with long ester blends

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    Looking to brew a blend of test e tren e and mast e at a total concentration of 457 mg/ml. The blend will consist of 57mg test e, 200mg tren e and 200mg mast e per 1 milliliter. I'd be pinning 1ml EOD for a weekly total of 200mg test 700mg tren and 700mg mast on a 12 week run.

    My recipie will be 1% ba and somewhere between 9% and 19% to suggestions here??? I brew in Miglyol 840 and tolerate it very well.

    I've brewed a similar test tren mast blend before but all short esters at a total concentration of 215 mg/ml and pinned it all with very little pip and a high degree of success.

    So I'm basically wondering if anyone has thoughts on how much bb I should start with and if you think this is a reasonable concentration for a long ester blend or just too high?
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    Damn son. That's high. Just for testosterone that's high.

    Let me see if I can explain this like I did before. It's easy to think of it but it's hard to explain. This might help you
    So the higher you go with mg I to a single ml the percentage of BB increases with every milligram of drug you need to suspended.
    For example if you use 200mg of Test E and suspend it just using 6% BB you CAN NOT suspend 600mg with 18% BB. Just because you tripple the BB ratio to the ml doesn't mean it's gonna hold.
    Also viscosity doesn't play a factor in super saturation points. The only thing it does is make the viscosity lower so it's easier to pin or flow.
    You will need to do some experimenting with this to make it work.
    If I was doing this I would start with pretending that 18% BB would hold and then make the solution as so. Get the oil in and all, except the BA and let it cool and sit for a few days and see how fast it crashes. If it does crash then I'd add 4 more ml of oil (depending on how much you've made) and then increase the BB back to 18% and then let it sit again. This will allow the mg to slowly drop from your target to get the most out of it.

    Does all this make sense?
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