How important is GH?

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    Hi everyone,

    So I joined this forum to find cheaper testosterone for TRT. I never wanted to try other AAS or peptides. I have been lifting for 7 years and am in my early 20s. I haven't made any significant gains in the past 5 or 6 years. Small changes here and there but nothing noteworthy. I can proudly say that I have a really good diet and great discipline. I have absolutely disabling fatigue and a lot of pains and doctors have been useless. I ordered some labs on my own and my igf-1 came back below 100 (reference range 80'ish-360 something), my DHEA was in double digits and far below normal, same with cortisol and ACTH. My T has always been in the 300s-400s.

    My question is, how important is GH as well as other pituitary hormones? Is this why I'm having a hard time maintaining muscle and completely unable to gain any? Do my issues sound like a pituitary issue? I'm struggling to find a good doctor. I also have a liver disease that I don't want to go into too many details about. If you're knowledgable about medical issues then you can message me for specifics.

    Any and all help will be tremendously appreciated. I'm as desperate as anyone can be.
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    I’m sure your doctors are worthless bc they have told you the problem is NOT a hormonally mediated but you being almost 21
    know better bc “something is wrong”!

    So YOU took charge and ran some tests.

    However not knowing how to interpret shotgun test results, you are even more useless than all those doctors and are becoming anxious and depressed.

    So I’ve an idea, post a COPY of ALL your labs and cease the bullshit about what all those worthless doctors have told you, to include THEIR diagnoses!
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    Regardless of whether I'm right or wrong, I've come here asking for help in a time of extreme desperation. My fatigue and pains have me borderline suicidal. I'm hoping someone can give me guidance from their experience. So go fuck yourself and turn down the attitude. I've had a liver transplant and I've travelled across the country after having complications that led to said transplant. I've met great doctors as well as some bad ones thanks to whom my life will never be normal.

    Not sure what ruined your day but I hope it gets better.
  4. @Dr JIM is right he maybe harsh in his delivery at time, (actually all the time) but he knows what he's talking about and would be beneficial for you to listen to him.
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    Is it pain in joints? Whole body?
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    Actually I've become more tame as the years have passed :).

    However some NEED to be forcefully reminded while anyone can order labs these days the ability to interpret results in a meaningful manner is highly dependent upon ones fund of knowledge and professional experience.

    And while no professional, physician or otherwise is perfect, I'll trust the judgement of a physician who has actually seen a patient over that of an unknown hunting for Zebras any day.

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    Yeah... Right... Saves you what? $10/week if you switch to UGL? Also implies that you are receiving TRT from a Doc. So.... Basically you need a source right? :D

    It's a relative question, you aren't in danger of dying...
    I have no clue because you didn't give any info, and how can you not maintain muscle when you said you haven't built any in 7 years? What is there to maintain?
    I don't hear any sounds, maybe I need to turn up the volume or you could post your complete labs...
    Which is why you came to this board to look for "cheaper" testosterone right?
    You could probably PM about getting "cheaper" testosterone in the messages too.
    If you were desperate you would have posted your labs already. You are not helping yourself when people have tried to.

    Not sure if you are trolling or not...
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