How long before test?

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  1. got new gh. Will run 2 iud day how many days to run until I get off tested? Also does the time the blood is pulled matter in relation to injection time?
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    What are you testing? GH serum or igf-1?

    If tested GH serum inject 10 iu's IM. Pull bloods in the 3 hour range.

    If testing IGF-1 levels. Run 2 iu's around 2 weeks and pull bloods anytime.

    Please check IGF-1 levels before starting GH for baseline.

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  3. Thanks.
  4. I’m testing off. I have prior test prescription gh after 4 weeks will compare to black tops.
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    As @mands eluded to, GH levels are to unreliable to use on a comparative basis, and for that reason you MUST first obtain baseline followed by 2-3 week IGF levels.

    Finally although the difference is small, yet statistically significant, averaging 12%, a 3 week IGF level is also more reliable.