How long did YOUR HGH sides last??

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by ToastEater, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. ToastEater

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    I’ve alternated between 2iu ed and 4iu eod and neither makes a difference. I’m at about week 6 and currently:
    -craving sugar like mad
    -sleepy AF all the time
    -CTS like a mofo
    -staying lean despite not eating super clean

    Wondering how long sides last before they dissipate.
  2. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    This is really user dependant. First run my fingers were numb for 3 months after I stopped taking HGH. Second run the numbness went away a couple weeks after I dropped dose down.
  3. Eman

    Eman Member

    About 4 weeks. I made the mistake of going straight to 4iu with meditrope and found out what it felt like for the top of my feet to jiggle with water retention.

    I can go straight to 4iu now though and not have issues...
  4. jackfrost80

    jackfrost80 Junior Member

    The lethargy is what got me + water retention from eating too much sodium. Had to cut back to 2iu eod at ome point & work in days off.The most important side effect: high fasting blood sugar took about 3 months.
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  5. ToastEater

    ToastEater Member

    High blood sugar went away in 3 mos?
  6. ToastEater

    ToastEater Member

    ...and I’ve been told more times in the last 6 weeks “you look tired” more than I ever have in my entire freaking life. They’re not wrong either. I can EASILY take 2 naps a day. Now if I didn’t have to get up to piss 2-3 times a night I’d be set lol.
  7. MuscleFreak

    MuscleFreak Member

    Never got any bad sides,now i am on genotropin and results are great
  8. m314

    m314 Member

    I've been on HGH for over two years now with a few months off earlier this year. I haven't found a way to avoid daytime sleepiness when I go over 2 IU/day. I still get it sometimes at 2 IU.

    I've been experimenting with different injection schedules to try to avoid this side effect. Right now I'm taking 3 IU on Monday and Wednesday evenings, then 4 IU on Friday and Saturday evenings. This still adds up to 14 IU/week. I get some tiredness on Saturday afternoons, but it's not bad. Sunday is my day to stay in bed and be as lazy as possible so I'll have energy for the work week.
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  9. ToastEater

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    It’s hilarious but since posting this the fatigue has subsided. I’m about 2 months in. I went to a 4iu eod schedule 2 weeks ago and I tolerated that well. Then last week I switched to 2iu M-F. I’ll alternate back and forth to see if the fatigue stays away. My ankle swelling is mostly gone too. That had me worried. So happy its gone. I’m also down a few pounds of water and my sugar cravings are significantly lower too. I’ve read that giving yourself a little break every week is a good idea so your body remains effective at utilizing exogenous HGH so whatever I continue to do will have weekly breaks built in.
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  10. bob hughes

    bob hughes Member Supporter

    never. Was on ansomone Building up to probably 4 IU a day over a month gradually developed pretty bad water retention and really bad blood pressure like 200/100ish . Stopped, try to restarting Different ways including starting at very low doses but the water retention always come right back. I guess GH has an affect on the RAS / water Balancing system and some people including myself get this side effect severely. I do not whatsoever get hbp from AAS and i’ve run pretty high doses before. So I never saw any benefits from it and it’s just not an option for me due to this reaction to it. Not hard to let it go considering the cost of it. I could just be much better serve spending that money elsewhere fucking power rack in my basement for chrissake at the cost. Or gear or food you know. Ansomone and grays and black tops that were heavy on this board a couple years back. Wish it was an option though because I would love to experiment with it I think it has a lot of potential and is versatile and how it can be used
  11. Drbronson527

    Drbronson527 Junior Member

    I’m on 6iu’s. 2 first thing in the AM and 4 post workout. Water retention varies sometimes from awful to not noticeable. First thing in the morning seems to be the worst and when it’s ungodly humid out and when I’m on my feet for a while. Humidity definitely doesn’t help. Couple that with bad allergy season and I’m a freaking zombie sometimes
  12. ToastEater

    ToastEater Member

    Thanks guys
    I’m back to 2iu am 5x/wk
    That seems to suit me well
    Holding water a bit but not bad
    But I’d say it’s been a good experience
    I’ll keep at it as I cut up these next 4 mos for competition prep
    I’m at 300 T ew + 25 Proviron ed right now and the gains are great
    Adding in tren & Mast E here in Sept
  13. kinkos

    kinkos Member

    Adding on to this threat, about 2 month of 4 ius a day I started having thumb pains, I can close my first but when I start spreading my fingers at the joint where my thumb connects to my wrist hurts, any idea of that goes away after I stopped HGH?


    Yeah never really but the only sides I get are water retention especially in the hands and CTS in both hands. These are not big deals. I sleep better and I can eat more and stay lean.