How long do intramuscular oils linger

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    I listened to a youtube video with Gregg Valentino where he explained that he had elevated hormones years after being on juice because he injected that much basically the oil would remain and work years after injection. Now I wouldn't believe that for one minute even if dude injected an olympic pool IM. Anyway if you inject 1ml of oil IM how long would it be before the oil would be totally absorbed into the muscle I tried looking online but it would vary between minutes to a week which I found likely to be in regard to other medication. And would the ester play a role in the absorption rate before it entered the blood or only afterward? Wikipedia would really be nice to add a bit more on how esters work imo
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    Using Valentino as a resource of information for drug use is your first mistake. None of your thought process is right here. The oil will dissipate within days (in general) and the hormone release is dictated by the ester weight. The info is easily available on ester timing. After longterm use, it's possible we're talking weeks of lingering hormone release, but not years.

    The ester is cleaved or removed before the hormone can be used by the body. This is how an ester provides a natural timed release.
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    Even with really thick slow to absorb oil (castor) injected into a low blood flow muscle or fat itself....and the longest of esters...just not going to happen. Don't listen to him.
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    I think it's that the carrier oil itself is usually absorbed into the body within days after injection while the hormone is processed by the body within hours depending on the ester.
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    I didn't believe him which I thought would be apparent by the "Now I wouldn't believe that for one minute even if dude injected an olympic pool IM." part but anyway. Your example partially answered my question but I wondered if there would be definitive table of each absorption rate maybe. I understand how esters work if I didn't make it clear what I wanted to know is only how many days it would take for the OIL to be totally absorbed into the muscle, like if you opened it up with a knife how many days would it take before there being no oil present after injection. And I wondered if the ester being a different molecule would make the absorption change
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    Depends on specific kind of oil. Blood flow into muscle both muscle itself and individual using said muscle. Very hard to get accurate and not worth the trouble. Probably varies with injection depth and technique too. Not worth your time and too hard to solve without tons of data
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    I was always under the impression that the oil and solvents got absorbed in the body rather quickly, then you are left with the hormone/ester. That is why a lot of people, including myself get that “delayed onset” pip from some compounds. For me this happens with testE and Sustanon. No pip at all till about one full day after injection. Again, this is just my thinking, I have no studies or science go back this up with.
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    You contributing fool. You see anything wrong with this useless post? I beg you to answer me. Come on and humor me. This fuckstick has been on these forums for years and he posts drivel like this? And you defend him. LMFAO .
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    I don't know what the beef is about but this was a funny post. :)
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    What Greg said is true but that doesn't apply to you. It's true for him because he had so much freaking scar tissue build up in his muscles from years of injecting huge amounts of oil at a time. The oil literally could not go anywhere and would just sit in the scar tissue. This is why it took so long to dissipate. Keep in mind Greg would, by his own admission, inject a full bottle 10ml bottle of testosterone every other day as well as a half a bottle of EQ with the same frequency (50 ml jugs back then) among other things that he would add in as he acquired then.

    TLDR; Greg is not full of shit like others have been saying in this thread, just what he is saying does not apply to someone like you who (I assume) doesn't inject 60mls a day lol
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    My buddy had a 50 ml vial, it wasn't even a proper glass, it was a plastic vial, of that EQ from Mexico. I know exactly what you are talking about. :)
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