How long does a first injection take to work?

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  1. Mrmanguy84

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    How long does it take for a first injection to work? What is the longest reasonable time?

    My doctor wanted to give me a shot to confirm that my T is low (I've tested anywhere
    from 330 to 460 with normal lab ranges of 400-1080). He said if my
    testosterone was truly low, I'd notice a difference within a day or
    two of getting the shot. It's been almost 48 hours now and I don't
    feel anything yet. The does was 200 mg/ml to the butt. I'm 23 and 170 lbs.

    How long does it really take? I'm nervous that nothing will happen. I
    see the doctor again on Wednesday.

    I forgot to add - my symptoms are low libido, fatigue, headaches, low
    appetite and erectile dysfunction. I'm especially interested in the
    libido and erectile part because it's the most obvious. Whatever it is seems to be getting worse over time.

    I'd also like to ask about a weird rush I got when the nurse gave me the shot. I wasn't expecting to feel anything but I had this thing rush to my head. Maybe I was just nervous from having a needle squirting into me so long, or the awkwardness of standing there with my pants halfway down like that. I'm not really concerned about it but I was wondering if anyone else has ever had that. The nurse said she'd never seen it before. I've certainly never felt anything quite like it before.

  2. JanSz

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    You are very young, god chance is that you are secondary,
    hcg alone may work better for you, much more natural.

    HCG preserves fertiliy
    testosterone will sterilize you

    Read my post to livelylady's husband.
  3. zkt

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    I believe your reaction was psychological. You might have a sore butt for a few days. Thats a common reaction to initial shots. At first my leg was so sore I could barely walk.
    You mentioned only the concentration of the shot. But how many ml was in the srynge ? I centainly agree with the doc in that you should feel horney in a day of two- when blood levels reach their maximum concentration. Not so sure I agree with his reasoning that this will prove that youre low. If you had normal levels of say, 600, and shot it up to 1200 you would more than likely, also feel horney as hell.
    Jan is right, T will shrink your balls unless used in conjunction with hcg if your problem is secondary. On the other hand, the continued use of hch will supress your pituitary production of LH.
  4. JanSz

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    If he is seondary, that means
    balls are ok
    not enough LH

    so secondaries have already diminished LH production.
    Further suppressing it does not mater (or is lesser harm).

    Similarly if he uses testosterone he supresses his testicles.

    Have to make choice.

    Using hcg only would make him more natural, would preserwe more of his body control.

    He should still have normal 24 hr testosterone leels (very important), and fertility.
    When on T shots, natural 24 hr testosterone level cycling and fertilty is gone.
  5. zkt

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    I meant primary. Pm me your needle supplier ?
  6. JanSz

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    I can use a reliable supplier, pls send info.
  7. chap

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    blood levels from a shot of testosterone cypionate peak within two days of the injection and then gradually fall from there
  8. cpeil2

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    That is simply incorrect. The response to a single injection of testosterone is extremely variable. Some guys don't notice a thing, others do.

    It is a common practice, when initiating TRT with injections, to give an initial loading dose. Even after a loading dose, a lot of guys, expecting that they are going to feel great right away, complain that they felt no effect from the initial shot.
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  9. zkt

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    thats because there are other factors involved in determining libido. but given that all of them are ok- t will increase libido.
  10. Mrmanguy84

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    The dose was 1 ml of the 200mg/m. I didn't notice that part.

    JanSz- I have no intention of staying on the shots long-term. My doctor only wanted to do this to make sure that low T really was my problem before exploring other avenues of fixing it. He said it would be a one-time thing only and that this wouldn't mess up my pituitary axis or shut down my balls.

    I don't know that I'm secondary (if T really is the problem, that is). My FSH has always been near the top of the range. A couple times my LH has looked rather low (as low as 2.8 on a normal range of 2-12) but once it registered at like a 5.6 or so, and I understand it's quite a variable thing depending on when they catch you.

    But even if I was, and took hcg, the benefits would be derived from higher testosterone, and apparently just putting T into me isn't doing anything...

    The plan was that if this shot established that I felt better with higher T then we'd operate to take care of my varicocele in the hopes that my body will improve on its own (I've read a couple studies now which suggest this should work). Pmgamer told me Megazoid is the local expert on that which is what lead me to this board. I haven't heard back from him via PM yet, though.

    zkt - What are the other factors that can mess up a libido?

    cpeil2- You mention a 'loading dose' and that a lot of guys don't feel anything after the first dose. Do they feel something on later doses? Would that mean I would on a second shot? The prescription I filled included another dose so maybe that's what the doctor has in mind.

    I'm trying to understand why my symptoms, which correlate so well to a confirmed low T, would not improve with supplementation. Any ideas? Maybe if my body was converting too much to estrogen - would that block the shot from being helpful? I don't have enlarged breasts - is estrogen dominance still a possibility?

    We tested my estradiol once, but I am not sure the test was valid as the results looked odd. Should I ask for another one? The results said this:

    Estradi <25pg/ml (<78)
    INTEPRETATION OF ESTRADIOL TESTING (pg/ml) :\XODOA\ Adult Male...... <=77\XODOA\Adult Female:\XODOA\ Follicular....... 39-189 \XODOA\ Mid-Cycle Peak..... 94-508\XODOA\ Luteal Phase..... 48-309 \XODOA\ Postmenopausal... <=41\XODOA\

    "The following non-numeric lab results were dispersed to the flowsheet even though numeric results were expected: Estradi, <25"

    I really appreciate any and all help. This all just makes no sense to me. I'm very frightened. I miss feeling like myself!

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  11. zkt

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    How bout depression ? It is associated with low libido, self-esteem, joy in being alive.
    The wrong sexual situation with the wrong person. Or no partner at all.
    Worry. Just off the top of my head.
    And, of course, biochemical problems, althou the above may well boil down to biochemistry. Low thyroid or adrenal output, messed up levels of dopamine or seratonin. Many more here too.
    I would think that 200mg would override a lot of problems, altho the outcome might be increased aggressive feelings rather than increased libido. T is quite certainly involved in aggression as it is in libido.
    Still dont think that manifestation of either is evidence of low T.
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  12. cpeil2

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    Agreed, but that's a big "if" - and a further reason why thinking that somebody's response or lack thereof to a single loading dose of T is determinative is just plain wrong.
  13. zkt

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    Only part of the time. No reaction implies nothing. But a positive reaction is an indication of a deficiency in the face of supportive labs. But I totally agree- its a hell of a poor way to diagnose the problem because the doc will probably assume that no reaction means no problem.
  14. cpeil2

    cpeil2 Junior Member

    Right, my assertion was overbroad.
  15. cpeil2

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    It's hard to make a prediction. When I started on shots, my first shot was a loading dose of 200 mg. I had a noticeable, early response to injections - I began to feel an effect within hours after the first shot.

    Others don't feel a thing after the first shot, and don't feel much of anything for weeks and sometimes even months after starting shots.

    That's why it is so silly for your doc to think that a lack of subjective response to a single dose of T is a determinative indication that your T is not too low.
  16. BrianEE93

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    When I first started injections, which was just a few months ago, I didn't feel anything for a few weeks. The first thing I noticed was that I crashed big time with injections every 2 weeks and was better with weekly injections. It was probably at my third injection that my libido went up. I was still getting little crashes on day 6-7 so I have gone to twice weekly injections and I am stable. Now my libido has dropped back down a lot probably because of my E2. I am taking DIM and working with a Dr. The worse mistake my original Dr. made was seeing my low TT he put me on testosterone immediately. I switched to another Dr. and had to go off it to get my system restarted so he could do more tests to see everything that was wrong. That time period was bad.
  17. Mrmanguy84

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    Could you give us a little more background on your situation? Symptoms? Timeline of their improvements? Levels? Age? That sort of thing. Thanks, this is really helpful.

    -- John
  18. Nemesis RR

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    Felt it in 5 hours after a shot of 200mg of cypionate. And I know it was not in my head as I had a hard on that woke me up after not having a nocturnal one for years.
  19. BrianEE93

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    I have always been in pretty good shape my whole life.(strong and just a little over weight) About 3 years ago, when I was 34, I started noticing I got tried a lot easier. My primary doctored tested a few things and didn't know what it was. Finally last fall I asked if it could be testosterone since I had then developed ED and loss of libido. He agreed to test it and it came back 173(200-800). This is the guy that gave me androgel immediately without doing further testing. He had also diagnosed me with anxiety and depression and put me on Paxil. It made me feel worse.

    I then went to an Endo that took me off Andro for about 7-8 weeks to retest. My LH and FSH were very high but my testosterone was back close to the old level at 154. I had a ultrasonic done on my testes and they found nothing. He said I was primary but didn't know why. That is when I started the TCyp injections. I crashed with the every 2 weeks nonsense and he moved me to every week. He never seemed concerned with E2 and I had to ask him to add that test on to my labs. I still felt a little more run down by the end of the week so I split the dose and half and inject it twice a week. The ED went away after my 2nd weekly injection and my libido shot up. Now my libido is back down and my E2 is at 36 but was 44 with weekly injections. I inject on Sunday and Thursday evening. I test my levels on Thursday morning to give me the lowest levels of the week. My levels 2 weeks ago were TT 501(200-800) and E2 36(8-43).

    I started last week seeing a highly recommended Dr. If I talked to my Endo about still feeling pretty bad, he just thought I was trying to up my TC dose. I told him about some symptoms I am having and all he did was check my TT and E2 again. The new Dr. immediately started by checking everything with my thyroid and said we would revisit the testosterone and E2 soon. Since I believe the anxiety and depression were misdiagnosed I asked my primary and tapered off Paxil. That was a nightmare!
  20. Depressed32

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    I'm a 32 year old male with low testosterone as verified by a blood test. My last blood test showed 166 total testosterone level. The reference range was 250 - 800. My doctor prescribed me testosterone cypionate 100 MG injection. The instructions are to inject 50 MG or 1/2 ML every 2 -4 weeks.

    I received my first injection into my hip from the doctor's office last week, 4 days ago, and have not felt any difference and am still quite depressed, although I take anti-depressants on a regular basis as prescribed by a doctor.

    I have also tried previously injecting 200 MG testosterone cypionate or 1 ML into my thigh every 3 weeks, and also have felt nothing but depressed. I tried the 200 MG over January, February, and March but gave it up because I didn't feel any better.

    My question is thus: am I being prescribed the right medicine in the correct dose? Are there other medicines that would work better for me? I am a bit overweight because of the low testosterone and have very little energy, low libido, and general depression. I have hypogonadism. I have tried androgel, Androderm, and Testim, but these did not seem to work for me either. Any constructive feedback is welcome.