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    [OA] Lopategui DM, Antoniassi MP, Ibrahim E, Ramasamy R, Brackett NL. How long does it take a man to collect his semen specimen in a busy infertility clinic? Transl Androl Urol 2019;8:S1-s5.

    Background: The duration of time required for male patients to collect their semen specimen heavily impacts the workflow of a busy infertility clinic. We analyzed this parameter to optimize the scheduling clinic space in the setting of growing male infertility practices.

    Methods: Prospective observational study on men collecting semen specimens for fertility evaluation, sperm cryopreservation or vasectomy at a male infertility clinic. Duration of time required for semen collection by masturbation was measured.

    Results: Patients were 136 men with a mean age +/- standard deviation of 35.7+/-7.8 years (range, 18.8 to 62.5 years). Indications for semen collection were: evaluation for male factor infertility in 125 cases (92%), of which 12 (9%) underwent sperm cryopreservation; post-vasectomy evaluation in 7 cases (5%); and post vasoepididymostomy in 4 cases (3%).

    The median collection time was 11 minutes 57 seconds +/- IQR 9 minutes 8 seconds to 17 minutes 5 seconds; and ranging from 3 minutes 9 seconds to 39 minutes 50 seconds.

    Patients accompanied by their female partner in the collection room were significantly more likely to take longer than 15 minutes compared to unaccompanied patients (P=0.012).

    Age and indication for semen collection were not associated with duration.

    Conclusions: Median collection time in our sample was 11 minutes 57 seconds, with significant variability across the sample. Patients accompanied by their female partners required significantly longer time to collect their sample, while age does not seem to have an impact.
  2. Of course there is a study on this.
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    Yes but it can be habit forming.
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