How long does it usually take Trest Ace to kick in?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Stanfoo, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Stanfoo

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    Intramuscular, trestolone acetate/ment. How long do you guys usually find it takes to kick in? By kick in I mean feeling any different, either mentally or physically.

    Read people saying it kicks in fast as hell within 3 days or less. Pinned 125mg spread out this past 5 days and nothin to report yet.
  2. tengtren

    tengtren Member

    I felt it Day 5 at 25mg a day
  3. Did you get it from a Meso source? (Just curious).
  4. Stanfoo

    Stanfoo Member

    Ya, reputable canadian lab. There's only two on here that sells MENT as far as I know.
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  5. penche

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    The raws are stupid expensive I’d b curious how accurately it’s dosed, if it’s even got any TBH. o_O We talking $45-50 a gram pricey...
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  6. Morefyah

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    It should already be hitting you. By that I mean increased muscle fullness and vascularity.
  7. tengtren

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    And you should be wanting to fuck fuck fuck
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  8. SteroidGreek

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    currently first time on it and im on day 5 , horny all day from it!!
  9. m314

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    I feel it on day 1. It's a distinct physical feeling that I don't get with other AAS. I notice physique changes (vascularity and muscle fullness) in the first few days. I tend to gain 10 pounds in the first week at 25 mg/day whether I'm in a caloric surplus or not.
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  10. Stanford: love it if you’d keep us updated with cycle. I’m interested.