How long for anadrol effects?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Pequipoise, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Pequipoise

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    So I’ve been taking Keifei Oxybol (Anadrol 50’s) for 6 days now 25mg AM and 25mg PM, I’m also on Test E 500mg per week but that hasn’t kicked in yet (only been on 3/4 weeks) I’ve noticed a slight increase in weight but in terms of strength minimal like maybe a few kilos on over head press etc. I decided to up the dose to 100mg of anadrol per day today to see how that feels. I’ve experienced no side effects like headaches or stomach pain, how long do you guys notice serious strength and size gains from A bombs?
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    I'm on 25mg Anadrol per day. In 7 days my weight shot up 9lbs, appetite took a hit within the first two days. Moved 20lbs more on bench this week vs last week. I'd say your stuff is junk. 100mg a day I'd struggle to eat anything
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    Yeah man i gotta agree w/ @Evom1 at a week in on some quality adrol you should definitely feel like your on drol . Id give it another week and if you still havent seen much in strength or some decent scale weight , id have some questions for your source .

    Hell even if your 3-4 weeks in on 500mg of test you should be atleast at be seeing some strength and size starting to show up from that . Seems a little shady , you know we have a great option here to get your gear tested if you think you got beat . Go to the lab testing section and check out the analyzers thread .
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    It normally takes a good 5 half lives before a drug peaks in the blood so in the case of enanthate that’s 50 days approximately, I never feel Test E gains until about 5/6 week mark. I’ve heard mixed reviews on Anadrol kick in time some people say 1 week and others say 2-3 weeks, I’ll see how 100mg a day goes for the next week anyway. I know my test e is legit cus my left nipple got very sensitive before I started drol