How long on GH?

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    Just curious how long you guys have ever been on GH?
    I’ve been on pharma grade GH (Norditropin) for over a year now? Was going at 4 (sometimes 5) ius a day, 7 days a week.
    Is this too long? Should I be taking a break? I searched before and guys said they would do it forever if they had the money?
    The reason I’m asking, is at first I had all the sides, but they subsided or I got used to them, but for the last couple weeks my right wrist has grown a little bump on it and it hurt like hell. SLOWLY, it is getting bearable, but that bump is still there. I went to the dr and got an X-ray, and he said it’s just possibly from an old injury and it’s bone like material, he does know about the test (he prescribed that) but not about the GH (different doctor prescribed the GH).
    Your comments are very welcomed, btw, subsequently I have dropped down to 2 ius a day now.
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    Just to give you some more facts:

    TSH = 3.83
    Thyroxine (T4) = 5.3
    t3 Uptake = 30
    Free Thyroxine Index = 1.6
    testosterone, Total, LC/MS = 4047.4
    Free Testosterone(Direct) > 50
    Estradiol = 53.9
    Insulin-Like Growth Factor I = 521

    I am 50 yo, workout everyday hard, diet hard and would say I am About +/- 13% bf. I also do 45 mins of cardio a day, eat complex carbs and good protein, supplemented twice a day only. I currently us 2ius per day in morning, and use TE 250 3x a week during my cycles.
    I know my estrogen is high, had bought allot of sarms1 liquid aromasin,but got terrible gout from it so had to stop. The anastrazole I have, just kills my schoulders so much, and I don’t mind some pain. So I’m back working to lower that.
    Thanks again for any more comments and suggestions.
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    Idk how you afford that

    And the bump may just be a ganglion cyst, I probably spelled that wrong
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    That’s quite possible BUT since ganglionic cysts generally require
    years to calcify and “look like bone” radiographically it’s impossible to know without an exam and/or an imaging study.

    And in those predisposed, a high protein diet is more likely to exacerbate gouty symptoms rather than PED ancillaries.
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    5 IUs/day is A LOT of HGH for anyone to be supplementing on a chronic basis!
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    I work for the largest oil company in the world is Saudi, they pay very well for us making very big and real sacrifices. But after living here for ten years my exit date is July le mexico!
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    And that’s been the frustrating part, one dr say I have gout the next will say it’s bursa? Then we are back to gout with another dr
    .? I can drink beer no prob, tatamtoes, meats, seafood, everything and it’s ok. The only thing that my foot hurts with Is direct pressure (seated calf raises will have me limping for 2 weeks), and palm oil??
    But with high high protein diet, for the first 1 year, no trouble. Wasn’t until I tried this perfect pct plan, that I couldn’t walk for a week and lingered for 4 months in pain.
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    Could the bump and possibly the ct be two separate injuries going on! I just thought since the bump on the wrist, buggering up the carpel tunnel
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    To quote @ChestRockwell, because I really liked his candor on this topic:

    You can have elevated IGF1 levels long term.

    Or you can live a long and healthy life.

    You cannot do both.
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    Shit... decisions, decisions.
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    Test and HGH are OTC in Saudi?
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    sustanon 250 and norditropin are OTC in Saudi. Testoviron used to be available in Saudi but currently no supplier. Also any and all pct drugs are OTC here
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    Damn. That's awesome as fuck.
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    IMG_5750.JPG IMG_5751.JPG IMG_5753.JPG This can all be bought OTC.
    BUT NO alcoholic, pork or porn
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    Sometimes, but it's big oil. I say that as some people don't like us in the oil and gas sector (but they still drive cars and heat/cool their homes ).
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    Dr. Jim, with my results posted, would I benefit from taking T4?
    I have currently backed off my GH to 2 ius per day.
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    That’s awesome man. Stash a bunch of paper then retire to Mexico at 50, good for you. I’ve heard Middle East everything’s otc. How much do the nords cost you?
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    It's about 125$ after conversion. Some might say that higher than they pay, but I'm happy with it. Only 1x they didn't have it for a week, but usually you can go in and buy 20 pens and they will throw in a box of pins for the pens and alcohol swabs and ice packs. I didn't know they would carry the larger dose pens until last time when I bought 20+ pens and he goes "I can order in larger pens if you want " ha ha ha. But that will now be my last purchase here as I'll get humatrope in Mexico now when we move there this summer.
    Have a great day!
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