How long until testicles return to normal size?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by SacToSD, Dec 27, 2009.

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    SacToSD Junior Member

    So after the conclusion of my cycle, I did a pct with clomid and have been waiting patiently for the buddies to get back up to size. It's been six weeks since I started my PCT, and they're still lagging, a bit. There has been minimal improvement, but not full size recovery. I was recovering from a 16 week cycle of test e and tren e, by the way. I used 5000 units of hcg during the cycle for about 6 weeks in the middle (500 IU/week), but dr scally said that the hcg was of little worth (I believe his phrase was "homeopathic"). So, does anyone have any idea about how long it might take? Patience is a hard thing to have when I've never experienced this, before. Thanks bros
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    BarbellBeast Junior Member

    I use Clomiphene100/50/50/50 and tamoxifen 40/20/20/20, within 5 days of this combo my nuts are normal size again though. They seemed even bigger this time, but I think that's more because they were shrunk for so long. I think it's time for you to go to a real doctor. I would at least, my jewels are too prized by both me and my wife.
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    mtyson Junior Member

    give it some time,
    just do hcg for 2000iu 2 x week...sometimes balls need more time to get back normal size..or they never come..
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    Ironhorse Member

    I think 2000iu 2 x a week is a bit much there peanutbutter.
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    Meathead27 Member

    Why is that? I've heard of guys running up to 2500 (EOD) for a few weeks in order to "re-sensitize" the leydig cells to LH.
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    Ironhorse Member

    Absolutely nothing wrong with that dosage. He was using 500iu EW, and I think jumping up to 2000iu is a bit much. Personally I'd go up in lesser increments. He may react well at 1000iu, but who knows. In all reality, he may end up needing a higher dose, but I would try smaller doses first.
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    Da Bomb

    Da Bomb Junior Member

    True. If you look at the medical literature, 5000iu's weekly for months on end is frequently prescribed to men during fertility treatment. I don't know where all the paranoia around injecting over a 1000iu's at a time has come from. I've never encountered any medical paper giving clinical evidence that there is any real reason for concern.
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    SacToSD Junior Member

    What I've been doing is basically redoing my pct. I am doing 500 IU's of hcg per day along with 20 mg exemestane (aromasin) and 20 mg of nolvadex. This is what was recommended on the PCT referenced here PCT by :) - Anabolic Steroids - / Anabolic Review Forums and here Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) by Anthony Roberts
    From what I've researched, using HCG at this point with this combo of other drugs will not further inhibit my endogenous production of testosterone due to the reasons listed in the articles above. My friend who is on HRT/TRT was prescribed HCG for this purpose and told to take 1000 IU's every 4 days. I think that I don't want to jump into high dosages all at once, at this point. I'm going to try 500 IU's per day w/ the aromasin and nolvadex and take things from there. I hope that I can serve as somewhat of a guinea pig for other people facing the same issues. I am seeing small progress since starting this protocol several days ago. It seems like the boys are full in the morning, but go down throughout the day, and are sensitive to heat. I wish that I had an orchidometer (sp.?). Again, a review of what I've done:
    100/100/50/50 clomiphene starting two weeks after administration of long acting test e. This did not have the intended effect. So, I switched to the new protocol of
    1 20mgs/day 500iu/day 20mgs/day 1,000iu/day
    2 20mgs/day 500iu/day 20mgs/day 1,000iu/day
    aromasin/hcg/nolvadex/vitamin E
    and will continue the aromasin and nolvadex for a further 2 weeks after my last shot of HCG.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    PLEASE tell me that you are not reading anything by Anthony Roberts and taking it seriously!!! i will try and return to read the post more fully. I must tell you that if you are listening or abiding by fellows like Roberts, there is little hope. Try to take a little time to read my posts on ASIH and PCT.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    The PCT was worthless. If some of you would spend a little time (and money) reading my posts (and consulting), you would in a high likelihood avoid these problems. The hCG use during the cycle was homeopathic. Why did you use hCG in the middle of a cycle? The HPTA is shut down. Once you stopped the hCG, the HPTA is still shut down!!! [The hCG dose is too small. Also, the math does not work: 6 X 500 IU = 3,000 IU]

    There is no mention of the AAS doses. This is important in planning any PCT. My recommendation is to do a proper HPTA restoration. The above posts do not come close to the correct protocol. It is also advisable to find a source for the meds and labs. There is no substitute for knowing.

    BTW: A normal testes size is at least that of a small egg that is firm in consistency. The following is for relaxing reading.

    Sakamoto H, Ogawa Y, Yoshida H. Relationship between testicular volume and testicular function: comparison of the Prader orchidometric and ultrasonographic measurements in patients with infertility. Asian J Androl 2008;10(2):319-24.

    AIM: To evaluate the relationship between testicular function and testicular volume measured by using Prader orchidometry and ultrasonography (US) to determine the critical testicular volume indicating normal testicular function by each method. METHODS: Total testicular volume (right plus left testicular volume) was measured in 794 testes in 397 men with infertility (mean age, 35.6 years) using a Prader orchidometer and also by ultrasonography. Ultrasonographic testicular volumes were calculated as length X width X height X 0.71. To evaluate volume-function relationships, patients were divided into 10 groups representing 5-mL increments of total testicular volume by each method from below 10 mL to 50 mL or more. RESULTS: Mean total testicular volume based on Prader orchidometry and US were 36.8 mL and 26.3 mL, respectively. Semen volume, sperm density, total sperm count, total motile sperm count, and serum FSH, LH, and testosterone all correlated significantly with total testicular volume measured by either method. Mean sperm density was in the oligozoospermic range in patients with total testicular volume below 35 mL by orchidometry or below 20 mL by ultrasonography. Mean total sperm count was subnormal in patients with total testicular volume below 30 mL by orchidometry or under 20 mL by ultrasonography. CONCLUSION: Testicular volume measured by either ultrasonography or Prader orchidometry correlated significantly with testicular function. However, critical total testicular volume indicating normal or nearly normal testicular function was 30 mL to 35 mL using Prader orchidometer and 20 mL using ultrasonography. Prader orchidometry morphometrically and functionally overestimated the testicular volume in comparison to US.

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    dfein Junior Member

    I have not read much into hcg, but I have not read much where 5000iu's is used much. From what I've read, ~1000 a week is enough. In fact, I have read a medical journal where a bodybuilder recently developed a non-cancerous tumor in his testicle. He did not tell the doctor he was using 5000 IUs of HCG. It kept growing, so they amputated it. He only told them later that he was using HCG and the doctor had written that amputation was unnecessary. Technically it's even possible to fully restore the HPTA without HCG.
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    Ironhorse Member

    It may be possible to restore HPTA without HCG, but I wouldnt recommend it. When using HCG, you want your LH to reach an unnaturally high level of stimulation. The result is a more rapid restoration of original testicular mass, which would allow normal levels of testosterone to be put out much sooner than without it.
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    ddp7 Member

    @Michael Scally MD
    amazing post sir,so at least one testicle must be consistently and firm?if you could confirm this information then I would be very thankful of you man and I'm so glad of your posts,you are the rule man!

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