how many blast year

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by ManK, Jan 15, 2020.

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    for me personally, One long blast 15-20 weeks
    2-3 short blasts of 6-8 weeks.
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  3. jJjburton

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    It depends on my cycle. If I run deca for 16-20 weeks then Ill do a 8-10 week run of something else. So 26 weeks total. Sometimes ill push to 30 weeks lol. I kinda cruised at a high dose though last year which I am never doing again.
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    I started late (42 years old) and I would like to reach certain personal goals before I’m too old for it. So this year I’m going the “more aggressive approach” that Bill Roberts refers to in that article: equal time off as time on. Since I use short esters it’s rotating 8-9 weeks on followed by 8-9 weeks off. Rinse and repeat.

    I know I’m doing that for a short duration though and I don’t foresee doing that for more than this year, maybe next year too.
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    Thank you.
    i sent you a private message
  6. About 32 weeks total

    either 2 longer ones or 3 shorter ones

    For what it’s worth I seem to cruise just fine at a pretty low dose (at least low from what I see on here. I get by at 90mg a week and that keeps me at the high end of normal range test levels)
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    :-D i cruise @ 80 mg
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    I started test 300/w in sept 2018 after few months of that I did a blast of 500/750/1000 over the course of a few mo with winny. Dropped winny after six weeks and started eq 500/w and dropped test to 500/w. Ive been doing that ever since. Should I take a break? Gains have been sweet!
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    it depend by your lipid value, by your hct value, and by the dimension of your prostate....
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    I have not looked at my prostate but have had a few blood panels that all were good
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    Steroids aren’t as strong nore as dangerous as people make them out to be!
  13. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    You’re an idiot. Anyone that bothers to read your post history will see you shouldn’t be giving any advice whatsoever.

    Not as strong or dangerous? Yet you’ve been bitching about how useless and limp that dick of yours has been.
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    How bout an updated pic ?! last I remember u were 23% bf and getting leaner
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    Yea 23% with some sweet Tig Bitties!
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    The fuck they are not. Particularly in your hands. I read your post history and BBBG is right. GTFOH with your shitty advice. Meso tried to help you and you refuse to listen.

    Anything you put into your body that alters your hormones has consequences. The trick is minimizing them by a careful, well researched and thought out plan.