How many calories burned lifting vs cardio

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by bambam333, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. bambam333

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    just stumbled across this video and if it’s true I didn’t think so many less calories were burned lifting.
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  2. johntt44

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    At my weight 240lbs. 90min vigorous weight training =981 calories. Not bad. It was the WebMD calculator.
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  3. bambam333

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    That’s what I always thought it to be around and he’s claiming that mile walks will burn more than what our average weight training workout does. Mines similar to yours. I just can’t see the workouts I do would only burn a hundred calories or whatever he says
  4. Mac11wildcat

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    Weight training will use significantly less than focused cardio. Not as low as 100 though. That seems way too small.

    For most people a 60m workout only has ~20m of training in it.
  5. johntt44

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    It might be accurate. Vigorous bike riding for 90min at my weight 1635cals?
  6. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    Are you really “vigorously weight training?” Typically that’s a WOD/Xfit style workout.
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  7. bambam333

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    Mac On average how many cals you think we burn for say a 60-90 min weight session with no longer than a 30 seconds a minute break between sets
  8. Mac11wildcat

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    My guess, if you train like a bodybuilder, is that in a 60-90m workout, 1/3rd is that is activity (IE not rest or changing exercises). Caloric expenditure would obviously be highest on a harder day like legs.

    I’d bet you don’t top 300 in a workout. However, weight training raises your TDEE (for roughly 24hrs I think). So the cals burned intraworkout aren’t the end of the equation.
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  9. johntt44

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    Yeah, you're right. It actually says weight training and conditioning.
  10. LeoTC

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    Huge proponent of weight training for weight loss when you have a lot to lose. More for the discipline and muscle retention benefits.

    I get lean as fuck come summer and the long walks though.
  11. Spokeonawheel

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    I watched that video as well. Found it extremely interesting. His explanation of why so few calories were burned during weightlifting seemed to make sense however I'm not a calory doctor like greg doucette.

    More muscle = more calory burning potential as the true benefit of weight training in that regard was enlightening.

    Also my GF refers to him as steroid Gilbert Godfried because of his voice. He is generally a good watch tho.
  12. Sparkyp

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    I just watched this video. If it’s true I couldn’t believe it. I thought for sure I was burning like 500 calories weight training. lol.
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  13. mp46

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    Even walking is a constant energy expenditure, weights you’re probably working 15-20 seconds in every minute. Walking seems trivial but you’re constantly moving body weight nonstop. Go walk up some stairs, carry a 45lb weight around, you’ll see how fast you notice the weight. Same as when you gain or lose a bunch of weight in a short time, you notice the effects more.
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  14. Human_backhoe

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    Do you think the constant protein synthesis (especially on cycle) adds to TDEE? It is a energy conversion, and does follow the laws of thermodynamics?
  15. Mac11wildcat

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    Everything follows thermo; the laws aren’t breakable, HOWEVER hormone activity in your body can preferentially pick how certain inputs are use. Being on cycle absolutely ups TDEE as muscle protein synthesis skyrockets. Just by numbers, not at all unrealistic to see 12–15lbs of muscle gain in 12-16 weeks. I just recently did 20 (last year). Compare that to natty; lucky if they get 5-7lbs a year under IDEAL circumstances.

    muscle and fat are simply calories. If we can build more muscle than a natty, our TDEE had to have gone up; via MPS and the fact that as we grow our caloric needs inherently grow too.
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  16. Human_backhoe

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    Thank you. I am very slowly trying to dial in my diet as I am 3 weeks into my first cycle now. So many things to dial in all at once haha!
  17. Test_Subject

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    It really depends on what your "weight training" looks like.

    If you're doing WOD type stuff with relatively light weights but next to no breaks between sets, sure, you'll burn a lot of calories. There's a reason (also Anavar) that crossfitters are so cut.

    Doing deadlifts for sets of three with a four minute rest isn't going to burn very many calories, comparatively.
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  18. bambam333

    bambam333 Member

    Mine averages about an hour or so with mostly 30 second breaks in between sets sometimes a minute if needed. That’s why this really made me wonder what I actually burn
  19. Can’t take Greg doucette too seriously though. I’ve been following the guy for 2 years now, seen that video when it came out. There are plenty of things he has said that is just nonsense over YouTube. He is full of a lot of solid advice though.
  20. NovaFlex

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    The thing I don’t think is mentioned, like Mac said, is the TDEE and the fact that larger muscles burn more cals. In the long run, if you were forced to pick only one, would you want to be “cardio fit” or “weight training fit”?