How many calories do you eat?

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  1. primus

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    how many calories are you eating?

    Any tips you would give yourself if you could go back in time?
  2. Brandaddy

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    Currently in eating 3,486 calories a day. That's for me to gain 1lb a week. I weigh roughly 202lbs @ 5'9.

    I guess the only thing I would do differently is not eat like such a data as in my original bills. I got the scale to move fast, but now that I've lost the fat, I don't think I gained any more than I would've just taking it slow and only putting on 1-1.5lbs a week.
  3. Docd187123

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    I need about 4000-4100cals to maintain weight right now. I’m 33yo, 5’10” and 210lbs.
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  4. wedorecover

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    Im eating 4000+ bulking 5ft 9 211 lb
    29 years old
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  5. Evom1

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    I was just over 6,100 with two large cheats a week while growing at 245-250lbs @6'3

    Dieting down right now I'm around 4,600

    Tips = discover the miracle that is Lantus several years ago. I'd be well over 300lbs at this point. Little bit of test and deca, plus alot of Lantus, some Humalog and gh of course = amazing growth

    Also don't go with the bs of all that matters is macros. The specific nutrient sources and selections are extremely important. No one who's ever stepped on a national level stage as a heavy weight or super heavy weight (220+ stage weight) will tell you other wise.
  6. Rockclimber

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    229 lbs
    Cutting 2lbs a week
    1870 calories a day
    Miserable As fuck. Leaning out daily though, never getting fat again!!!

    Running 750 test, 350 tren, 5iu GH

    When I was bulking it was 1 pound a week 3500+ calories 1 cheat day a week. Didn' gain on Tren though, I'm guessing my metabolic rate was too high.
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  7. Docd187123

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    Nutrient sources are important for micronutrients but from a body comp standpoint they’re almost irrelevant. A gram of carbs doesn’t have a different fate simply bc it came from a potato chip vs oatmeal.
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  8. Evom1

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    I disagree. If one were to consume a daily 500g of carbs from dextrose vs from rice for 6 weeks, you say they would have the same outcome on body composition, all other variables consistent?
  9. 6’2
    27yr old

    Calories in training days are roughly 35-3750
    Non training days closer to 3000

    Goal is adding lean mass while keeping bf under control through mainly clean foods no pizza and 5 guys unfortunately. Few small cheats here and there. Quality not quantity is the goal.
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  10. Docd187123

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    Why is it that whenever I try to present this argument and someone tries to counter it, they present an unrealistic example of appeal to an extreme? Do you honestly know anybody who gets ALL their carbs from either rice or dextrose?
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  11. Docd187123

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    Can you explain the difference in how the body processes carbs from rice vs carbs from dextrose to get glucose/glycogen and how that difference would affect body composition?
  12. Evom1

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    I cannot give a detailed enough answer for that without knowing the true science there. I am going off experience with myself, clients, and information gathered from high level coaches and competitors

    I give an extreme example because when something is exaggerated it brings out the errors generally speaking. My point being there are certainly differences in how certain nutrient sources are processed in the body. The people who could give a truly detailed answer as to exactly how are those such as Aceto, Milos, Efferding etc .Not you or I

    Now there is a scenario in which I agree with you. Johnny bodybuilder is 18 years old and 160lbs. Does he need to make sure each meal is the proper amount of carbs ,protein and fats. Does he need to source these from steak and rice? No, by all means this is someone we'd say "aim for these numbers and eat" .

    He will certainly see results, although (and I know this from working with young athletes) those results can still be better if the exact plan is set up with optimal foods and timing.
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  13. Frank9

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    Currently cutting at 3000 cals, might need to ajust because i just came out of a bulk, 5'10 220lbs
    I lost 4lbs during the first week at 2500 cals (mostly water), i upped at 3000 and it seems to be better, I aim to loose 1 to 1.5lbs a week, Im not so sure where my maintenance is right now because I didnt really count everything on my bulk :rolleyes:
  14. jaymaximus

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    2300cals - cutting

    Cutting - 6ft - 185 - 7%bf

    If would tell me to invest in meth, by on margin if needed
  15. jaymaximus

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    So many grammatical errors. Do You Even Proof Read Bro?
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  16. big unit

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    I don’t count calories. I did a few times and it freaked me the fuck out! 4500-5000/day with some days at 7,000! I just don’t want to know! Lol. The mirror tells me everything I need to know. 300g min of protein daily and eat clean whenever I’m hungry. No need to count anything beyond that. I’m always s around 8.5%-11/12% BF, with the 11/12% being at my worst.
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  17. TheH0517

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    26 yo
    ~213 lbs (up from 184 lbs)
    ~13-14% bf (up 1-2%)
    Finishing up a nice bulk

    ~3,800 cal
    330 P
    420 C
    90 F

    1-2 cheats per week
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  18. jaymaximus

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    I think the bigger question should be "what are your goals?" Otherwise it's a bunch of meaningless numbers. -just saying someone is bulking or cutting doesn't mean much-
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  19. TheH0517

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    Hit 215-220 at 10% and add GH to the mix.

    The numbers will probably change as I see how big I am the closer I get to that mark. I don’t think I want to get bigger than classic physique (I don’t actually compete as of now) but who knows. Got a nice way to go so things could change.
  20. ocman

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    I've been eating anywhere from 700-1000 cal over maintenance for 12 weeks and gained 7.3lbs...At +6lbs was 4.2lbm and 1.8fat (2.25:1). I have 4 weeks left, may keep going...

    189.5 (+7.3lbs)
    10.21% (+.66%)

    Probably shouldn't have used that TrenA for 3
    TestC 500mg/week
    MasteronE 400mg/week
    EQ 800mg/week
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