How Many Days Per Week Do you Train?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by killerdice, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. killerdice

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    I hit one body part a week even while on. Time constrants only allow this, but I do grow and make good gains.. I have tried many types of training methods, HIT, DoggCrapp... But good old volume training works best for me and has for years... What works for you guys?
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    Currently, I'm goin in 4days/wk I'm hitting every body part 1X/wk. I think after the 1st of the yr, I'll go back on HST. Then maybe AM's DFHT, then go back to volume training.

  3. diesldud

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    I have been doing a workout I got from (I think) a Hogg thread on the old Meso. Its a 3 on 1 off w/ light and heavy days. I like hitting every body part twice a week and as far as the "light" goes its more of a change of exercise rather than a lesser weights. The only body part that I stick with the same exercise is my legs. I do squats only. First cycle is heavy squats and second cycle is less weight with as many reps I can do. Its a killer.
  4. Grizzly

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    You'll want to avoid going to failure diesldud. Otherwise, you most probably won't see as good of gains and you can easily overtrain on a 2X/wk program like that.
  5. diesldud

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    Thanks Grizzly. I have been thinking about this. I have just been feeling so good for the past couple months that I have just been going shit house. Good luck on your Bob Smith diet. Man thats a bunch of weight that you want to drop. If i get sick or not eat anough and lose a couple I always feel so small. Im only 5'-7" 215 lbs 15% im not even kinda close to your size so mabie it wont mess with you.
  6. Grizzly

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    Nah, I still don't like it, but I like being fat less. This should be a piece of cake, though. All I need is my ephies and my caffeine, which has been the biggest hassel of my BB life. I can get illegal steroids easier than I've been able to get some fucking ephedrine.
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  9. diesldud

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    Thanks Chip. Thats a great idea. I hate leaving the gym feeling like I could have done more or worked a little harder. So I realy try to bust ass. Im gonna give your plan a run. Thanks
  10. mrlight

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    I cycle it, 5 days a week for 10 weeks, take a week off then do 4 days a week for 10, take a week off.
  11. BigLibby

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    good points... like you were reading my mind
  12. Hogg

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    i can only offer one bit of advice in this thread and that is to bear in mind that periodization is critical in higher frequency training. In addition, we must bear in mind that fatigue must be managed with such training.

    The 1x per week guys can probably train a body part for 3 hours to failure and still make it back to the gym the following week. Using such high intensity with a 2x or 3x per week program will fatigue you very quickly. Fatigue is literally like a checkbook with a constant rate of replenishment which is, as someone eluded to earlier, affected by many factors such as sleep, nutrition, the quality and amount of drugs that you use, amount of life stress, etc. My point being that if you venture into the realm of a 2x2 push pull, a 3 on 1 off, a straight 6 day 2x routine, or worse a 3x routine, you have to constantly keep track of your fatigue checkbook. The training effect is nil if the fatique account is in overdraft....I cant put it any simpler than that. Those who do not understand the concept of training effect and fatique should research the fundamentals of two factor theory. Most of you guys know enough about this already from the old board.

    Any training program that exceeds one's ability to recover when analyzed over the duration of a training cycle is a bad training is just that simple. You can fatigue the body through training and see benefit providing that you allow recovery (through periodization) during the training cycle but this is not the same as simply blasting one's self mercilessly session after session....that is not a training cycle, that is simply going to the gym and beating the shit out of yourself. Some claim to do well with such programs but usually, training frequency is lower than those who periodize their is actually out of necessity, not by choice. Anybody who tries to successfully train on a higher frequency program will either have to modulate loading/volume or they will fail in their quest miserably. It really is that simple.
  13. cowboy66

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    one body part per week. In the gym 5 days/week.
  14. Starkraven

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    when you guys mentioned some people have more stress in their life slowing down recovery, are you talking stress like worried all the time about stuff because if thats so, then i have alot of stress so no wonder i have to take juice to grow.
  15. Hogg

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    Steroids allow you to sidestep the cortisol issue as nitrogen retainage is high and thus catabolism is thwarted.....and so to an extent, yes, a guy who has a high stress job, high stress wife, high stress kids, whatever....he may be dead stick year-long without gear. However, these same people often plateau on steroid use too other words, they should still be growing and they are not which is an indicator that there is much wrong with your program and I will give you an example. It is possible to take 3 grams a week of gear and not grow....and I dont consider edema growing, you could suck up a bunch of water with a high sodium diet just the same - what we are talking about is the accrual of mass. These people who use fairly high amounts of drugs and do not grow usually have piss poor diets, piss poor sleeping habits, and piss poor training as a result of the two preceding factors and perhaps ignorance. A true athlete or bodybuilder who is seeking some level of performance or physical stature will not ignore the other factors. Also, it is possible to use steroids, thereby thwarting cortisol, and still lose mass. I can think of one IFBB pro who had a problem with certain drugs and consequently did not eat and gave up over 30# of mass. Drugs arent even necessary. Take 3 grams of gear per week and eat 1200 calories per day. See what happens, you will definitely lose muscle. My point being, while gear will appear to solve the cortisol problem and give you a free pass, in extreme cases, it cannot save you from catabolism entirely.
  16. Starkraven

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    yes i understand food is very important to grow, but i think i am under too much stress all the time. it will never go away. im always pissed off about the world. about my financial situation, i am 21 i cant afford shit, my car is half my payment which i think i am going to save for a new car and give this one up, i barely juice which pisses me off, i dont reach any goals i set for myself, sometimes i feel like i am at a dead-end with my life, mainly financially. btw, even if i did have lots of money, i still find alot of things in the world that piss me off too fast but having money and being settled would make me feel alot better and lower stress. i am making $6/hr cash working 30-40 hours per week, so i need to do something with myself right now, i am just getting older and more miserable each year. i was thinking of real estate because i dont want to go to a 6 year college and graduate and find out there are no jobs available. fuckin pathetic shit.
  17. Hogg

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    You are much better off slugging out an undergrad than looking for another way to make a buck. Selling real estate and writing mortgages will taper has already.....and if you dont believe me, take a look at what the nations leading mortgage bankers are saying about the real estate what else? Well, you're not capitalized enough to day trade and without some decent math and analytical skills, you'd get slaughtered anyway so we can forget this option. What next? Got 80 grand to invest in a coin-op laundromat? No, hmmm, well lets see now......errr, how long can you exist on $ 6/hr cash???? Lets see, if you were paying taxes, that would equate to roughly $ 7.05/hr working above board....meaning that a clerk job at home depot would probably give you what you're making now plus benefits and some stable wage increases based on tenure ...not a bad option.....and you could still hit the local state university at night on the 8-12 unit plan per semester.....what other options are there??? Hmmm, well, seems a lot of guys make money selling gear.....hey, now there's an idea, but you're not capitalized enough to buy 10-15K worth of product to get started so forget it ...not to mention that it is a felony if you get caught.....hmmmm, how about the other side of the equation??? how about becoming a cop??? Nah, why? Because I think they are now hip to the guys with high school paper who have no other option to make 50K.....and if you're pissed at the world, a 40 year old interviewer has probably seen your kind a thousand times probably would not make it through the psych screen. What other options are there???? errrr, well, you could join a building trades union. Electricians, pipe fitters, welders, and carpenters (to a lesser degree) all do well. There is also the military but I dont think its a good option because the payout for 4 years of your life is not that great. I can think of other ways to come up with money for college via grants.

    Well, my best advice to someone your age is to do what you dont want to do.....go to school and slug out an undergrad. I attempted to keep my analysis of your situation rather jovial but the reality is, unless your dad is leaving you a business or you have some money behind you via other avenues, the likelihood of making a decent living without a college education is pretty slim. A skilled trade will pay well and if you are inclined to be a pipe fitter or electrician, you will beat the starting salaries of most sundry degrees after 4 years of apprenticeship while simultaneously building hours toward your pension...and thats another thing, the unions are the last bastion for pensions....most all other businesses are going to 401Ks now.

    One last bit of advice, cars are cash eaters, not generators. If you ate the depreciation on a new vehiicle, it is either time to resolve to a 10 year hold on that vehicle or give it back to the bank and take the 7 year hit on your credit. Typically, one's credit report is something that I would never recommend taking a negative on but if you do not have the capital to absorb the depreciation of a vehicle's worth in its first few years, you might as well give it back and cut your losses. Buy yourself something that is dependable and gets you from point a to point b ....that is all a car is. If you have to have all the bling bling look-at-me shit going on and you're trying to make it happen on 6 bucks an hour cash, you're priorities are way wrong.

    These are my words of advice to you and they are sincere. They are not meant to be condescending....I wouldnt spend 5 minutes responding to your thread if I was not trying to be helpful.

  18. Starkraven

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    well im fucked. i dont have a father, he died he didnt leave me no business, but some money to my mom, i live with her and my 3 brothers. 2 of them go to school and work, i just cant seem to do it, man. btw, i have been busted before already and do have a felony on my record for selling juice, actually it was possession for sale. im really fucked man. as for the car, it was my brother's on my mom's name, he got himself a new car, he has a great job at countrywide home loans, i cant work there because of my record. i dont have a car and she was ready to turn the car back to the dealer, its lease was due, it was 4 years, so i begged her for it, at the time i had a little better job, 7.50 cash per hour but i need a car here in LA or else i wont even be able to get to work!!. or anywhere. i cant ask my mom for rides like i did for 5 months straight, i would rather die. also, i already have bad credit now for 3 years because of medical bills, i feel like blowing my brains out right now this is no joke.

  19. Starkraven

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    btw, as for my priorities, im really into bodybuilding, not like a hobby, but like something i live for, i want to have that in front of everything so it is like im a drug addict, only i dont buy coke, i have to buy food and juice and i cant even do that i fuckin hate my life driving around dreaming of this shit, and i just payed my car, but how would i get to the gym with no car, i need to figure this shit out it has made me miserable for years and i cant deal with it anymore. the car is nice but i dont fuckin want it, i dont need no bling-bling look but i need a car, how would i get to work with no car? i didnt have a choice, it was either this car or nothing. my mom wont help me of course because im 21 and i should pay for my own shit. my life is pointless. what the hell should i do?

  20. Starkraven

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    hey bro i never used machines for more than a workout or two ever. i always used free weights for 4 years now. i could just train at home, but my friend will probably get me a membership at bally's for $8.50 per month because he's a member for 6 years already. i could workout at home with an olympic bar of course and some weights, beats the drive to my gym now. i am thinking about it. im thinking i should drop the car, get 2 jobs close-by (i will have to ask my mother for rides which sucks, and no more visiting my best couple of friends for a little while), bring in good money dont spend it for 2 months (only on food that i need) and buy a car for $2k, train at ballys or home, and start attending some type of school? i just dont know what. i want to do something i like, but i dont like anything. i really dont. those that have jobs they like are either lucky or have done the hard work and went to school for a long time and did it right. i think im just a fuck up. honestly..

    btw, would pushing trucks and cars develop your muscles? or were you just being sarcastic?