How Many Days Per Week Do you Train?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by killerdice, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Grizzly

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    Are you kidding? Is there really a question as to whether pushing a 3000lb object would grow muscles?

    Here's a goddamn good option/solution. Buy a bike or try walking. I live in the midwest. It's a 3 mile round trip for me to go to the grocery store. 3 months out of the year(now until march) it's freezing cold...literally. I go to the store just about everyday. How do I get there? On my fucking feet even though it's cold and far. The return trip is great! 50lbs of groceries to carry. Boy, do I love that<sarcasm>

    You live in LA where it's 70 all the fucking time. Suck it up, dude. Walk or ride a bike. 10 miles is a piece of cake on a bike. I hate those things, but you do what you've got to do.

    6 year school? Where the fuck are you planning on going. Sure, I've taken 6 1/2 years to graduate, but I also have 2 degrees, 5 classes I took for fun and 7 I ended up not needing and I've taken 4 classes in the last 1 1/2 years. If we break this down, I should have been out in 4 1/2 to 5 yrs with TWO degrees. It's not a 6 year deal, bro.

    Hogg's right. Go to home depot or something. You'll make more.

    Point is, instead of bitching about how everything is fucked up, do something about it. The bicycle being the best idea. Then you could build your legs everywhere you go.
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    Grizz is right...It's a hard dose of reality,,,but you just need to suck it up, and grow up, and bite the bullet for awhile. Get your life in order first, and that means GET A JOB and stick with it..SAVE YOUR MONEY...then get a car, get back in school...Drop the loser friends, and just GROW UP....I know it's hard, and I don't wanna come off mean..but damn man, it's time!

    When I was a child I spoke and acted as a Child

    But now that I am a man, I have put away childish things...
  3. Grizzly

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    Does that mean I have to stop sleeping with stuffed animals and playing with GI JOE now that I'm 25? ;) This sucks!!!
  4. Hogg

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    I received your PM this morning Starkraven and its not really a case where you need help, it is a case where you need to change the road that you are on. There is a seat for every ass...literally....and if you dont like the seat that you are in, you can change it. It might not be easy, it might not leave you with time to go to the gym, but thats the fucking breaks pal.

    Your brain should be focussed on increasing your earnings potential rather than on bodybuilding. Quite frankly, much like motocross, a number of young men throw their lives away in bodybuilding and end up with nothing when they get to the end of the road. Only a few make it....and it probably wont be get your ass in school and make something of yourself.

    End of discussion.
  5. Starkraven

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    i do have a job, it might not be the best job, but i got it, and im trying to get 40 hours per week. im giving up the car in a month since i payed for this months and getting a bicycle, i can manage for 2 months that way while i save up $2k for a reliable car, i dont care what kind of car i have, i just need a reliable one, i can still make it to the gym with a bicycle anyway for 2 months, its not that far away. and i close the night shift at 3 am, i guess i will be riding the bike home for a little while. with this car, i just cant seem to do much, i suffer either way so its better to just get a cheap, reliable car. about the school thing, is this the best option as opposed to a trade or real estate? i dont even know what to get into, im old enough that i cant decide anymore on what occupation to go with, so i am asking for suggestions. thanks.
  6. Desibaba

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    Another option.Although i will be the first one to say this is not the best would be to get a 2nd job and start saving for college.You said you work 40 hrs a week and dont go to school.Sure it might be hard but start somewhere.Get a part time one for around 20 hrs a week and keep your full time job as well.Secondly try working for a corporation instead of a private owner.The private owners dont give benefits and long term help like a corporation can.I know of this guy who works at publix who has just a high school degree but started working there.He started making his way up and now he is the meat department manager.He makes around 60 k a year.Im not saying this is a lot of money but for a guy with no education its not that bad either.Good Luck and keep trying.As long as you have hope you will find a way.
  7. billj

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    Go in the military. It was the best thing I ever did.
  8. Grizzly

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    Hate to break it to you, but "realiable car" and "2000 dollars" don't go in the same sentence. Multiply that by 4 or 5 and then you'll have reliable.

    Wake up! Your job sucks monkey nuts!!!!! It's not that it's "not the best job", it sucks monkey nuts!!!! Let me reiterate. It sucks monkey nuts!!!! Like Hogg said, you'll make better money at a fucking grocery store. Change jobs, dude. You don't have a choice. Just do it.

    Real Estate? Try it. Either way, you still need some schoolin'. Trade? Much better idea. Of course, you'll need a connection to get into the union. College? What the hell are you thinking? You've got two brothers in school. How the hell did you go wrong? Get into school. It'll suck, but do it.

    High school education = dumb fucker who will never get a decent job, unless he was born before 1960.

    College degree = the minimum requirement.

    Masters degree = what a college degree used to be in terms of employability.
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    Jeez Hogg, take it easy on us military guys....we get to see the world. I personally have seen Germany through the windows of an airport, have been to a couple of the 'stans, and got to go on vacation to Afghanistan for free for 8 months!!! We get to shoot some sweet ass weapons and blow shit up! However, on the downside, I think that this has ruined my outlook on hunting with a shotgun! Also, the 60k that I get when I get ut of the army is has no taxes placed on it....I look at it as a 15,000 dollar bonus a year!!! LOL In all acutality, I really like my job...always something to look into. :D

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  10. Desibaba

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    Hey meathead do you need an american citizenship to join the military or will just a green card do?
  11. Starkraven

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    grizzily, so then what i am supposed to do about the car issue? i think 2k for a car is reliable here. what should i do, work for a year and save all that money and not spend it on food or anything just for a car? and why would i make better money at a grocery store? they pay 6.75 per hour and take out taxes, at least this job is straight $6 cash but are you talking about benefits? because there are strikes going on here. im in LA, CA.

  12. Grizzly

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    Actually, I thougt about it and you probably could pick up a car for 2000. I figure a 6 year old cavalier might fit that bill. It'd still probably be more, though. I've got a 2001 Cavalier that, according to the blue book, will go for 6 grand.

    I still don't see the need for a car. What's your issue with having a car? You live in the city. Ever heard of public transit? Like I said before, you've got free and efficient transportation already. They're called your feet. A bicycle or rollerblades are also great, cheap, efficient ways to travel.

    The grocery store was an example. Even in the backwards ass, white trash, hick town that I live in, the Home Depot is paying 8 or 9 an hour. Seven years ago when I worked at UPS it was 8.50 an hour, so now it's got to be closer to 10. Goddamn copy stores will give you 8 a hour. And, yeah, the benefits are kind of important, not to mention of incalculable worth.
  13. Starkraven

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    grizzly, i PMed you.
  14. boz_hardwick

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    5 Days a Week West Side Powerlifting Training

    I train on and with Westside guys. We train 5 days. Sunday- is Dynamic (speed day) Bench Day + assistance work for weakness, Mon- Max Effort Squat/Dead Day ( 5-7 reps above 90%), Wed. - Max Effort Bench Day, Thursday - Upperback and Lats, Friday- Dynamic Squat Day.

  15. Starkraven

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    hey boz, what do you mean you train on? do you incorporate any isolation movements like curls, forearm work, triceps skullcrushers, shoulders: over-head presses, and calves?
  16. JoeMoore

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    Train as many days as you can without feeling overtrained. But best advice is to hit every bodypart just once a week.
  17. marineone

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    Join the military.....It can be a waste, but it also can be great. You need direction and the military is great for that.
  18. Hogg

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    Where do you come to the conclusion that 1x per week training is 'best advice'?
  19. HeavyLiftr

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    Whether on or off I train 4 times a week. I just change the exercises (and thus intensity) when off.
  20. Ramstein II

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    Current Split

    I’m currently training 4x/week and am actually “bulking”–something I haven’t done in several years. This 2x per week split has been great. I’m still tweaking it.

    Bench Press
    Incline Bench Press
    Dumbell Pullover
    Barbell Curl (maybe some concentration curls for fun and pump)

    Front Squats
    Romanian Deadlifts
    Calf Raises
    Decline Sit-up

    Standing Military Press / Push Press
    Upright Rows
    Lying French Press

    Barbell Row
    Barbell Bent High row (elbows out row)
    Reverse Lunge
    Calf Raise

    This is a form of 2x per week training for each body-part or muscle-joint complex (Shoulder Complex, Scapula Complex, Knee Complex, Hip Complex, and Arm Flexion and Extension)

    most exercises are 5 sets of 5-7, except Squats and Front Squats are 4 sets and 2-3 sets respectively. Reverse Lunges are 3 sets. Romanians are usually 1 heavy set because of the massive damage these do. 1 set = sore for 7 days. “Small exercises” like curls and shrugs are 2-3 sets and are probably not necessary but I just can’t give them up (old habits are hard to break).