How many eggs can you/shoul you eat per day

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  2. corageon

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    I am used to eating about 4-5 a day, I'm still living!
    My buddies eat 3-5 a day as well. Young, but even their fathers and grandfathers do the same. Still healthy. Not even a serum cholesterol elevation.
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  3. Voltrader

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    I go on long spurts of 6-8 a day. Cholesterol has always been good. If you are predisposed to high cholesterol then I see people who it will skyrocket. I think there is some genetics at play when it comes to cholesterol.
  4. ergomaniac

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    interesting you post this. vic, lw64, do you have a personal recomendation for daily egg consumption. i eat half a dozen most days.
    ive also read that dietary fiber and lecthin (which egg naturally contain) can reduce the cholesterol in eggs. any studys showing that?
    and what about eating regular eggs if i eat salmon or sardines regularly.
  5. Jimmyinkedup

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    I eat about 5-6/day, 5 days/week.
  6. JC3

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    2-8 depending on the day. Always at least a couple whole eggs and usually a bunch of whites. Had this last 18 carton hardboiled and it lasted 4 days.

  7. Poult Sci. 2000 Jul;79(7):971-4.
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    Goodness mate that's probably a little to much, curious why so many my friend?

  9. Dr JIM

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    Agreed CBS it's the FAT/F-As that will kill you and for most of those folks whom DON'T have a hereditary dyslipidemia eggs, are a MINOR contributor to elevated triglycerides that JI can eat FIVE EGGS per day PROVIDING everything else is in check (normal).
  10. LW64

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    As many as you like, unless you are one of the FEW hyper-responders who get a crazy increase in cholesterol.
  11. ergomaniac

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    i keep it to a half dozen. thanks for the reply :).
  12. GeneticBeastLobster

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    Especially when cutting I put down about 4 whole eggs + 4 egg whites a day 4 or 5 days a week. Last time it was checked (about 2 months ago) my cholesterol was all in check. But honestly I had never really thought twice about it when keeping it at that amount or lower a day.
  13. ChillBill

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    2 to 4 a day. Sometimes more :) Me hungry :drooling:
  14. Saka003

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    I eat maximum 4 eggs. I can't eat more than 4 in a day.
    Usually I eat only 2 eggs in my daily breakfast. I think 2 eggs are enough for me to get good amount of the protein and energy.
  15. ajmustard81

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    4 eggs every morning 7 days a week.
  16. paulietuck

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    6 every morning after the gym 7 days a week I eat the EB (egglands best) sometimes I might skip a couple of the yolks..:drooling:
  17. skywalk

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    sometimes after gym, or after a meal when im not full yet, i'll drink 12 half-boiled whites with just 1, or sometimes no yolk. (depends if I accidentally break the yolk or not lol)

    I have 2 whole eggs for bfast everyday as well.
  18. Saka003

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    Any comment?
  19. Oberno

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    5-6 eggs per day if bulking. if not 2-3 days are enough with emphasizing on egg whites.
  20. Capt Forest

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    there are days where i will eat about 10 whole eggs a day. I normally keep it to five.