How many injections will you get out of a 10cc vials, 300mg/ml????

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by GXwhey54, Mar 9, 2009.

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    GXwhey54 Junior Member

    Lets say someone wants to run a 12 week cycle consisting of Deca and Test-E. It would be 600mg of test a wk and 300 deca/wk, how many injections can you get out of a 100 cc vial, 300 mg/ml? Is one bottle of each enough to run a 12 week cycle or will more than one be necessary?
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    Dzaster Member

    Im guessing that is a typo and you mean 10cc vial not 100cc...with that being said you have:

    10 shots of 300mg deca--1 a week=10 weeks so answer is NO for 12 weeks
    5 shots of 600mg test-1 a week =5 weeks(or split them into 2 shots per week 300mg each)--answer is also NO for 12 weeks

    You have 10 weeks worth of deca running 300mgs a week
    You have 5 weeks of test running 600mgs a week...
    Hope this helps...when your getting the rest of your gear dont forget your pct!!!
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    GXwhey54 Junior Member

    Well I'm still doing my research and what not. What do you reccomend for a pct? I've seen a few different cycles so it's always good to know what others like. Oh btw, you answered my previous question and YES I meant 10cc, haha.
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    Renegade69 Member

    pct is a very individual thing, start doing some research on nolvadex, clomid, AI's...thats pretty much the bread and butter.
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    BILLYGRINGO Junior Member

    GX if your still doing research than read this. It can make alot of sense and prevent alot of retyping of information

    good luck and do you rhome work


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