How many rounds of antibiotics have you done before the age of 25?

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    On average as a kid, I’ve done around 1 round of antibiotics per year between the age of 10 and 25, to treat common colds.

    My last antibiotics were 2 rounds of azythromycin at 25 to treat a chlamydia, and that definitely tarmacked my gut microbiome.
    Had a candida flare up, that is coming back here and there, and I lost 10 pounds that I can’t seem to gain back.

    Anyone here making a connection between how many antibiotics they have taken and health issues?
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    Oh god I hope there isnt a connection. I was a chronic sufferer of sinus infections and would run 3-4 rounds of antibiotics (usually 875 amox/clav) a year ATLEAST for years until I got surgery to fix drainage.
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    Did the surgery work? Did it feel like your ears would pop all the time like when In an airplane?
  4. No rounds ever.

    But there are measures you can take for restoring gut health after a course.

    First, follow the full course as px'd - don't stop abruptly unless advised to.

    Increase insoluble fiber intake - make sure you are taking some everyday and for a few weeks after discontinuing too. This one is important.

    You can also take probiotics after discontinuing; nothing fancy, evidence wise I think Acidophilus and a couple others do the job and they are pretty cheap. There are 2-3 that are shown to be beneficial for this purpose and IIRC all are pretty cheap.

    When it comes to supporting gut flora and microbiome health I prefer a holistic approach combined with using high quality ingredients in cooking as well, it has done wonders. Douglas Labs makes a product called Ultra MFP Forte that I use and absolutely love.
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    Surgery did work! Never really experienced ear popping too severe.
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    WTF do you know about this - never having taken any antibiotics? :) Kidding, good thoughts. I think I'll try that Ultra MFP Forte stuff.

    What is your opinion of products like "Green Vibrance"?

    I'm running low on this stuff and since I'm just taking it for micronutrients (and it's not great tasting) I wondered if there's anything better out there.
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  7. To be honest I've never dabbled with products like that - I think more people are using them for the same reason you are - getting ample micro's they may not be getting or to ensure they are getting enough / a lot.

    I don't think there is any negative at all and they likely add things for digestion or GI health/probiotics as well so it's hardly harmful.

    I'm particular with what brands of supplement I use for anything non generic (generic for me being things like CoQ10, Vit D, fish oil). I think there are a few brands out there that make some pretty great products albeit expensive a little. Douglas being one, Himalaya Healthcare being another.

    The Douglas product I mentioned has some other pretty amazing ingredients, one in particular which has evidence showing comparably efficacy to a glucose disposal agent for reducing blood sugar, and also effective at lowering blood lipids.
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