How many times a week it is healthy to cum?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by master.on, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. master.on

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    Cumming too much makes you weak, most sportsmen in every field avoid sex the night before competition.

    OTOH some cumming from time to time is said to help the prostate.
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    If you’re on AAS, does it make a difference and does it make you weak? What about sex addicts or male porn performers? I saw a documentary and one of the men said he cums 4x a day, usually almost every day. I personally don’t know how that’s even possible, but whatever.
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    Chronic masturbators (and we have lots of them around in Meso) are weak, or at least weaker than they'd be if they didn't fap. That's a plain fact.
  4. T-Bagger

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    Physically or mentally?
  5. master.on

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    I'd say both.
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  6. If I overly beat my meat it ends up looking like a dried out slim Jim. I’m referring to the ones you buy in the box btw
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    Proven to be beneficial for prostate health, as well as heart health actually as it reduces stress.

    The abstaining before a competition nonsense is superstition. It only gives you a mental edge of you put any stock in it.

    It gives you zero physical edge.
  8. T-Bagger

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    My *understanding* is that blowing a load depletes you of testosterone and I believe it does have some sort of effect on your prostate because on my last testing for bloods, it said to make sure not to ejaculate within 24 hours of testing.
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  9. LeoTC

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    A fraction of a percentage point.

    It's nothing that's going to have an appreciable impact on performance of you're properly drilled and prepared.

    Even if not, a million other things will hurt you before blowing a load.

    In some situations I'd actually prefer to bust one prior to competition. Loosen me up, calm myself down, and avoid a massive adrenalin dump.
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    If you're keeping track then it's either not enough or too much.
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    I don't know the "healthiest" number, but I normally cum 1 per day. Somedays 2. No porn.

    Very rare the day I don't cum, I got to be super tired or something
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    Licking your chops, eh?
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    I swear the shit makes you weak. My gains speed up if I don’t wack it, my energy is way higher I have a way better mood a better pump in stronger and my muscles balloon up.

    If I wack it I will be flat for a couple days. Also orgasm is linked to androgen receptor down regulation. And it gets worse and worse the more often u do it.

    Takes two weeks for the body to recover from orgasm
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    I was thinking this kind of slim Jim
  17. Lmao much much shorter
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    Lol, like the Lil Chub???
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  19. Don’t even need to open that to know that study was done on rats or mice, not humans. Jackin it has little affect on T levels, so little that it does not make a difference. The only real issue that comes from jacking off is if there’s shame attached to the act etc
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  20. 350lift

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    Androgen receptors NOT testosterone
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