how many units in a ml?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Biff Henderson, Feb 3, 2004.

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    Biff Henderson

    Biff Henderson Junior Member

    anyone good with the math?
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    Grizzly Member

    I'm not sure what you're asking. Do you mean mg/ml? That's simple. Whatever it says on the side of the bottle. 250mg/ml or 100mg/ml or 200mg/ml
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    chris gordon

    chris gordon Junior Member

    i think hes talkin which case we need to know if hes talkin bout insulin, growth or hcg...or what
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    ELVIS Junior Member

    units in a ml

    there are 100 units or iu's in a ml, that is a very simple question and why u guys are talking about growth and insulin is beyond me?
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    jd62 Member

    there arent different consentrations? so to inject 500 iu of hcg you needta inject 5cc? that doesnt seem right. my $0.02
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    LuvMuhRoids Junior Member

    He didnt specify the question moron. If you knew about or used AAS you would think the same as everyone above did. Maybe we should call you FLAMIN ELVIS since you like to get stupid. Anyone that mentions units must be talking about hcg, GH, or INSULIN idiot. What else on a steroid forum they going to be talking about if they mention units and not specify the question...huh duhhhhhh! :eek:
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    askari Junior Member

    If he's talking about IUs, doesn't the concentration of IUs of the substance vary per ML depending not only on the substance, but on the packaging?

    It should say on the package insert or on the package itself.
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    chris gordon

    chris gordon Junior Member

    and it depends on the amount of bac. water you use to reconstitute GH, or hcg. always got some dipshit thinks he knows somethin
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    chris gordon

    chris gordon Junior Member

    most insulin pins hold 1ml
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    bigpimp919 Junior Member


    i know with hgh if you have a kit with 18 ius per vial like serostim its 1.8 ius for every .10 on the pin so 3.6 is .20 and so on hope this helps
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    batista Junior Member

    This is correct

    Insulin pins hold 1 ML, they are different than regular syringes.
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    Biff Henderson

    Biff Henderson Junior Member

    Elvis is right. Luv you are the dumbass or on halo. ml is a size, like a gallon got it stupid? mg is a concentration like 90 or 98 octane. If you put a gallon of 90 octane in your '78 trans am would that gallon be the same amount as if you put in gallon of 98 octane? You get confused when its a ratio like mg per ml.
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    the_mechanic Junior Member

    converting iu's to cc's

    simple answer:

    insulin syringes come (usually) in 50 or 100 iu's or "units"

    50 iu's = .5cc's
    100iu's = 1cc

    and vice versa

    hope this helps

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    chris gordon

    chris gordon Junior Member

    actually you and elvis are both dumb bastards apparently....we know a fuckin ml is a unit of VOLUME....your goddamn question was how many units in a in order to answer that we need to know what item you are talking about...if its insulin the 100 IUs per ml...if hcg or GH then it depends on how much fuckin water you use to reconstitute the damn stuff....tell you what since you know so damn much answer your own fuckin questions
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    Southernjuice Junior Member

    His EXACT question many units is in a's 100 all day , everyday!!He did'nt say one damn thing about hgh or insulin or anything. Yeah I agree he should'nt have come off with the "that's an easy question shit" but....he answered it as it was asked and he is'nt wrong.
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    the_mechanic Junior Member

    was that an attack?

    glock, was this a personal attack on me?....maybe i misunderstood your response....i beleive if you read my response to his question, it is answered.

    100 units is 1cc, no matter what the substance.

    its really clear cut-

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    batista Junior Member

    So if I need

    to do 1500 units of hcg what mark on the Insulin pin do I need to fill it to? Just curious.
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    chris gordon

    chris gordon Junior Member

    ok one more time....mechanic no i wasnt attacking you ...i quoted the person i was is a unit of volume....IU is a measure of strength of the compound....100IUs =1ml if you are talking about insulin...this is the reason an insulin pin is marked the way it is...this doesnt mean that 100 units always equals 1 ml....if that were the case guys would be injecting 10ml of HCGin order to get their 1,000 units.... because these compounds can be mied in various strengths per ml....this is why his original question could not be answered unless he stated what substance he was talking about...
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    fdax Junior Member


    not to fuck up this any more... but... i saw this before on another forum... here it is..

    I get a 10,000iu kit and do 5 iu points on pin for 20 days. ------------ 10,000iu hcg kit/ 5iu's points (slin pin) times 20days=a 10,000iu HCG kit. ------------ 5,000iu kit/ 5 iu points a day for 10 days with 5,000iu kit=10 days. ------------ I also heard of guy shooting 2,500iu in one day a week for 2 weeks thats why I am trying to help show proper methods I have done research on it (lots).

    confusing but work well for me! ---------------- For bros who use HCG at high doses 2 times a week.

    Just trying to help out bro's take care

    Subject: RE: RE: How many mL's of HCG equals 500 iu???

    10,000 iu kit 5ius points on slin pin =500iu

    a bit confusing in terms of how much but maybe it will help you: must be kept refrigerated once mixed and good for about a month after mixed. inject under skin w/slin pin (I prefer stomach) example/

    profasi 10,000iu kit comes with 1cc of sterile water. Once you reconstitute, 5 iu's on an insulin point (10,000iu kit)equals 500ius

    So many don't know how to convert to do over 3 week period with slin pin i.u.'s and converted it to an easy for me to convert by slin i.u's over 3 weeks on paper. 5 i.u's everyday of profasi 10,000 iu kit will last like 20 days.. optimium dosage with clomid/hcg from many many articles for 3 weeks, (read article below for times) just my way seems simpler to me 5 iu's a day for 20 days = 10,000iu kit.

    5 slin iu's times 20 days = 10,000 i.u's kit it can be a bit confusing to newbies to hcg ---------------------------------------------

    Like I said I'm not sure if this is true... maybe someone else could chime in..
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    BigLibby Junior Member

    sometimes there is great info and sometimes i'm in retard land :confused:

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