How many wallets do I need to transfer too before I'm safe.

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by SamuelJones, May 5, 2018.

  1. SamuelJones

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    I've transferred to one wallet so far can I finally purchase AAS now?
  2. Evom1

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    Four is safe
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  3. Millard Baker

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  4. Kevinkevin123

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    They can monitor everything on the blockchain it's a ledger but small amounts nobody cares or has time
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  5. Look into using a verifiable and trusted bitcoin tumbler.Research as there are many good ones.This is how you clean your trail.One way at least worth knowing if you are concerned about unwanted leads.monero was once a good one with the code it was written in as far as being close to truly anonymous.Things change quick with crypto world.
  6. Not gonna harp on you about leaving your thread (so unlike me, i know, right?) but don't you lose a little of your BTC amount every time you transfer to wallets and/or tumble your coins?
  7. sinewave3

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    Would transferring to a privacy coin like Monero/Zcash then back to a new BTC wallet Work?
  8. master.on

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    Btc keeps track of ALL transfers

    You can use a million wallets and they can still track you.
    Not for nothing they haven't cashed out the Wannacry virus ransom.

    Feds are said to run some tumblers.
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  9. Ime it’s usually just a few cents depending on network volume, the amount of data etc. Last time I made a transfer of $160 or $170 and the fee was $0.12, the first wallet transfer of that $160-$170 was $0.04. Total all together was around $0.20 not including the mining fee for purchasing btc.