How much BB?

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  1. RCCP

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    Lookings to expand past brews of test but it hard to find good recipe for all. BA is simple 1-2% but BB seem to be all overs the place from 10-20% for specific compound. Is there amount like 15% that work fors all the common compound at normal strength?
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  2. skinnyman

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    What are you going to brew and at what concentration?
    It's impossible to help you if we don't know this.
  3. RCCP

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    Kinds of looking for an overall option for GSO. Right nows I look to make Mast P, Test P, tren A, and NPP all at 100mg maybe 125 or 150 if there are good ways to do it with just ba/bb. Unless someone thinks long ester is better to learn better brews, I don't minds inject EOD.

    I only makes good test e and c in past and 17% BB alway work but looking to know what could be used for all of them. I search many threads and other sources online but either number aren't disclosed or they all over the place.
  4. skinnyman

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    GSO is a very good carrier IMO. My last brews has been MCT. I think most people use the NOW brand MCT.

    Stick to regular concentrations and you won't have any problems. There are plenty of recipes that people use all the time, stick to those.
    If you stick to regular dosages you will be good with just using BB and BA that's what I do. I've done high concentration brews with EO. Test cyp / enanthate blend at 500mg/ml.
    Some people are allergic to EO and high concentration oils can lead to abscesses because it can crystallize in the muscle. I think that's why people get abscesses when they inject suspensions (not fully dissolved). So I stopped doing it.

    You don't need more than 1% BA and I think both test prop 100mg/ml and tren a 100mg/ml can be dissolved with 20% BB at most.
    I've brewed both at regular concentrations and had no issues using proven recipes.
  5. Monstar

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    BB can be all over the place but 18-20% works for all compounds we use in common dosages with common carrier oil (not EO or Mig).

    I do 2/18 for just about everything. There is nothing wrong with BB but people like to fuck around and minimize it according to different compounds which is the cause of your confusion.
  6. skinnyman

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    Reason why people do it is because it sometimes causes PIP. No need to go high on BA and BB if you don't have to, keep it to a minimum.
    Everyone is different though and if it works for you keep doing it. I think we all have to try different things ourselves. That's the beauty of brewing your own gear.
    Some people can't handle MCT, then go with GSO etc.
  7. TRT@40

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    Hi @Monstar, how do you adjust BB % when using EO or Mig 840 or Mig 812? Since the viscosity of EO/Mig is lower and I am guessing you could lower the BB%.
    I am fortunate enough that my system tolerates GSO, EO, Guac, MCT (therefore probably ok with Mig).
    I am planning a brew of Primo Enan; will start a batch of 200mg/ml in GSO/MCT. Then attempt experimental batches to get to 250mg/ml with the addition of EO or Guac.
  8. Iron Vett

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    I don’t feel EO has all that much greater of of a solubility than mct. I have brewed some compounds at lower percentages of BB with EO added and had the brew crash. I feel that EO is great to add to a compound that has injection pain since it helps to anesthetize pain caused from the injection but I don’t count on it to help hold a compound in solution.
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    I like 2/18 for everything.