How much could this bar hold?

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  1. We have rubbed elbows a couple times. Seems cool. He was doing shots at a bar in the back of the PL meet last time i saw him lol. He was handling, not competing
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    in general terms Olympic lifters will want as much whip the bar as possible, but unfortunately competition standard bars are strictly controlled in terms of the amount that with they produce.

    Whip in Olympic bars ( while doing Olympic Lifting) will do two two key things:

    1/ Reduce the “crash” of the bar onto the lifter at the bottom position of the clean ( and to a lesser degree the snatch) and allow the lifter to use the upward whip to get out of the bottom position easier
    2/ At the end of the clean movement you’re allowed to readjust your hands before the jerk which typically involves a small bounce off the bar. To move your hands out. Lifters will try to deliberately introduce bounce into the bar to introduce whip albeit quite slight but then start the Jerk drive as the bar hits the top of the upward motion of the whip so the whip is actually starting to pull the Jerk up for them ( you can do this by also dropping fast into the power position and pausing momentarily before extending)

    A clued up lifter will add 10% to the max jerk if allowed to do this - which is against the rules

    Whip is less important in the initial pull as the weights in C &J and snatch are much lighter than deadlift so whip in the initial pull is less important.
    Hope this makes sense
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    Are you sure it’s not a 8kg Olympic Technical bar (17.6lbs) ?
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    Skinny with a screw on collar...

    @Eman you too can now powerlift with confidence :D

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    @Chmewy I have 2 of those skinny bars with screw on collars. Now idk about you're but I have used up to 315 on mine for RDL'S little whip but nothing crazy. I've taped it at certain grip points to make the skinny bar
    not feel so weird in my hand.
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    Alright good to know