how much do hookers cost?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PipeDreams, Dec 30, 2003.

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    PipeDreams Junior Member

    bros, how much would i have to pay a hooker to suck my root? and what do they charge for sex?
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    billybobjones Junior Member

    all depends bro, a black crackhead will suck your dick for $10, and fuck you for $20. Good fun escorts run from $150-$350 for sex. Not that I know are anything..........
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    kemo Junior Member


    Billybob.....I have to disagree....see my math below:

    crackhead hoe full deal = $20 + Three condoms to keep yourself safe = $1.50 + Extra bang because you couldn't feel anything the first time = $20 + Penicillin because you gave up on the three condoms = $75 + Doctors visit to get something stronger because the Pen has stopped working = $150 + Embarrasment of telling the Dr. where it came from = Priceless.

    So therefore, I conclude the $350 for a nice escort is the cheaper of the deals.


    (Sorry, I coulnd't resist)


    NOTE: The above math scenario is ficticious and in no way implies anything that occurred during my more adventerous days. :eek:
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    bigkb Junior Member


    LMFAO, that was good.

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    Turbo1 Junior Member

    WOW>..i think someone had some fun in his days
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    jaysmithinwesson Junior Member

    i dont know but i did save alot of money on my car insurance
    with geico though.
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    dumbbellpress Junior Member

    LMAO Good one!!!

    dumbbellpress Future Husband of Jennifer Love Hewitt Cowboys 2004 NFL Champs
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    01dragonslayer Junior Member

    Thats f*cking hilarious.
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    PipeDreams Junior Member

    how about a decent looking crackhead?
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    EatNphood Junior Member

    i'd say around fifty....
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    01dragonslayer Junior Member

    Depends on how 'decent'. LOL
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    ThePatriot Junior Member

    LMAO those commercials dont make any damn sense. LOL funny shit though.
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    highoutput Junior Member

    How many carckheads are decent looking? Guys just drop the extra scratch and get yourself a nice breast enhanced escort. Worth every dollar..... So I'm told.
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    Ronin_ Junior Member

    Or move to Thailand and bang 4 chicks at once all night for $100!
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    graybass Member


    Dude! I'm moving to Thailand asap LOL :p Love you long time G.I. Joe, Dolly make boom boom, 15 dollar. ;) Let me see good escort, or start my next cycle? tough question (still can't spell for shit, got to put dictionary next to computer!!) graybass
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    Lil-BIG-Man Junior Member

    If you go across the border to's $15 for a fuck...$5 extra if you want a little head! Mexico has everything cheap!
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    Ronin_ Junior Member

    I want to retire there man. 60 with 2 20 yr old asian girls every night!
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    01dragonslayer Junior Member

    ....gear included. Made cheap that is.
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    betterthanu Junior Member

    Well it all depends son!!!!Are you talking about girlfriends or prostitutes on the street. ONe on the street will cost about $20 to blow and $100 to go. Your girlfriend will cost you
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    Dianabol17aa Junior Member

    Damn, I am lucky I have a GF, but if we ever break up I know where to look!

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