How much do you money do you spend on bodydlbuilding

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by FutureMrO, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. FutureMrO

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    hey guys.
    How much do you guys spend on bodydlbuilding (fitness) a week or month base. Groceries, gym membership and ofc drugs and supplements if you take any?

    $200-250 on food (weekly)
    $200 monthly ( supplements)
    $800 for a 12 week cycle, With pct.
    $60 a month on gym membership.

    This is Australia prices keep that in mind.
    It's hard doing this and having a part time job lol
  2. Evom1

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    That seems insane lol apparently Australia is far more expensive than the US. I'm right around $100/wk for just shy of 5k cals
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  3. Devil3

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    Canadian Prices

    Gym memby- $20/month

    Food- $2-$300/week on meat alone
    Gear- hard to say. Have soo much left overs that are still good so I dip into those for pct and oral sometimes. About $700-1k per run of UGL gets it done for myself.

    I do not take ANY legal supplements. If I'm bored and want a tasty drink intra workout I spend $40 on bcaa.
  4. NewTEX

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    $250 a week for food?! Jesus.,,God Bless Texas! Food is Cheap.
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  5. Devil3

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    I make good money. So I feed myself well. I don't buy the cheap steaks from the grocery store. I buy some of the best steaks in Canada from the butcher. I'm known in my circle for buying multiple $25 steaks at a time.

    Same for chicken and other meats. I feed myself very, very well.

    I also support many local farmers by buying their ground beef and fish at the farmers market. I spend an insane amount on food, like you should.
  6. NewTEX

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    I eat for purpose,,taste and quality stopped being a factor a long time is a tool nothing more.
  7. DrinkFlintWater

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    "Food for fuel, not for taste" been my motto since...idk a long time tho....
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  8. DedLift

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    Yup. Ive said for years if they ever came out with a pill that could meet my nutritional needs id pop it and never eat again. Shoveling food in my face gets old long before my workouts do
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  9. ickyrica

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    Gear is cheap. Even at high doses it will be cheap. AI and pct as well. Maybe under 50$ a month including all ancillaries like needles, alcohol etc. This is based off running a 1g test cyp, 600mg Deca a week cycle with anastrazol, clomid and nolvadex. This is for non pharma.

    GH is pricier. Maybe about 180$ a month when going full throttle. This is for non pharma.

    Food hits the wallet pretty good. By far the most costly portion of a cycle. Honestly it doesn't drop that much off cycle. I'm about 1500$ a month but that includes a family, my son has friends over often and we have family over semi often as well.

    My gym isn't too bad. Maybe 35/40$ monthly? Honestly I don't remember. It's over 30 & under 50
  10. Devil3

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    I eat for purpose, and get the taste at the same time. Becauce I spend the money for it. Because I want to, and I can.

    Trust me when I say it's worth it.
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  11. Devil3

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    A lot of my habits stem from my family growing up. Let's just say we never skipped a meal, and the plate was always heavy.
  12. ickyrica

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    I feel like you can get a serious amount of calories in and have it be pleasurable, but I feel like its a part-time job when the calories start getting north of 4500/5000
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  13. Devil3

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    For me the hardest part is the meal prep. Portioning. It's a pita when you need 15 Tupperware containers, 3-4 per day at work...realistically incan only stockpile 3-4 days of food in my fridge before having to make more. And I hate cooking. Lol. I'm good at it but do not like cooking anything but steak.

    As for the cals, when I bulk, maybe first couple days of stretching the gut sucks but after that it's easy for me to continuously eat more and more. Only side effect is bigger shits.
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  14. ickyrica

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    Meal prep can be a bitch. I'm lucky maybe because we cook larger dinners frequently so that tends to end up filling in the next days lunchtime needs. I eat a lot of dense protein shakes in between meals now and have kind of taken a liking to Teddie peanut butter with granola bars.

    The larger portions and constant stream of food was killing me but I read about something called kombutcha in OGHs food thread, helped out a fair amount.
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  15. tenpoundsleft

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    Food - that's hard to assess - you have to eat anyway - so I view that as sunk (there's no opportunity cost) - and I don't see what that has to do with BB? If anything, being on a BB diet shouldn't be more expensive, since it involves buying less garbage.

    $40 per month (based on $500 per year) on lab work
    $50 per month (based on $600 per year) on basic steroids (test/tren/deca/proviron) and meds (metformin, doxazosin, arimidex, hcg) - I buy it all overseas - I'm on TRT half the year, modest cycle during the rest, trying to stay at 20 grams per year
    $50 to maybe $100 per month on vitamins etc (Niacin, C, NAC, D3, Milkthistle, Curcumin, Lysine)
    $30 per month on Syntha-6 protein
    $80 per month on Pure Protein bars $20 a month on gym membership (Gold's)
    $200 per month on PT - once per week
    That's about $500 per month
  16. fldoms980

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    If I had to give my best guess...
    Gym: $50/month
    Food: $600/month
    Gear: $150/month

    It would probably be more if I didn't get supplements for free
  17. Devil3

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    Nothing beats leftover chicken. The joys of chicken, without having to cook it.
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  18. tenpoundsleft

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    In my case, a huge batch of Thai food - Pad Kapow Moo - fried ground pork with basil, garlic, chilis, and various fried veggies. Do a big batch on Sunday and it lasts all week. Serve on a plate with baby spinach and it's a great meal.
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  19. Devil3

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    I make big batches of macaroni/tuna salads. Usually get a few days out of it. Keeps my carbs up
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  20. tenpoundsleft

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    I'm probably too afraid of carbs. I never eat pasta, or potatoes, or breads - other than those without sugar.

    I like a large can of tuna (75gr of protein) with a small can of pineapple on top - kinda redneck, but tastes nice. That and a spinach salad and I call it a meal.