How much lean muscle mass can you gain from a first cycle

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by PreMier, Apr 18, 2006.


How much lean muscle mass can you gain from a first cycle

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    PreMier Junior Member

    I read and hear all kinds of things when the topic of how much lean muscle weight did you gain from your first steroid cycle comes up . I thought a poll on it might be interesting.
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    Sheki Junior Member

    Too many variables... just try and you will know!
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    PreMier Junior Member

    Ummmmm it's a question from personal experiance nothing else.
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    hackskii Member

    Well PreMier I saw your post on the other thread and I totally feel you were right in your comments.
    For what it is worth.

    I have lifted for 28 years and have been in this game along time, I have seen alot of things.

    We were talking kept gains here right, after pct and time off (gear)?
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    PreMier Junior Member

    No this is how much you gained from your first post cycle one day.
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    hackskii Member

    Oh, I thought you meant net muscle gain.
    I gain a good amount of water on a cycle so I need to change my original figures:D
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    shyheim1 Junior Member

    diet/workout and other things its different for everyone, to many variables like Sheki's said.
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    PreMier Junior Member

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    jasthace Member

    I polled as lean "muscle mass",not water,and using max cycle time of 12 weeks,with 2000mgs of test and bulk diet.These are what I consider to be max variables in basic areas.
    Good to see you posting some positive input preMier.
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    I gained a 145 pounds on my first cycle. Went from 195 to 340 of solid, rippling muscle.
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    Beefy Junior Member

    Now Bob, you know that at least 17 lbs of those gains were attributed directly to your tremendous afro growth.

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