how much oil in a 4gram fina kit?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by toc67guru, Jul 15, 2004.

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    i ordered 2 4 gram fina kits when i compared the two phials of sterile oil supplied they were not of the same volume.i was wanting to make standard 75mg/ml so was wondering does anyone know the amount of oil actually supplied in a 4 gram kit.otherwise i will just even them up!!!
    not very scientific for a home chemist!!!!!!!
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    toc67guru Junior Member

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    Pred Junior Member

    I've converted finaplix once. I "think" my kit came with 40ml of oil to make a 100mg/ml solution. But I didn't use the oil it came with, I used my own sesame seed oil. I believe you would need approx 53 ml of oil to make a 75mg/ml solution from 4 grams of finaplix.
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    Large1 Junior Member

    Ya, my kits have all come with 20ml/1cart for about 100mg/ml mix.

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