How much Test enanthate 250mg/ml should you take per week?

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    Hi my name is Matt I haven't used steroids since high school which was the 90s, and I'm getting different stories from people on how much test I should be taken each week. I'm stacking the test with a half a cc of Deca 300mg. I know that I already have low testosterone so I don't know if the test 250 is too much, I've been hearing that I should only take a 100 mg of test per week. Can somebody please set the facts straight? Thank you FB_IMG_1535291079926.jpeg
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    Hi. Welcome to meso.
  3. Why, Matthew, why?

    We don't need to see your face, it makes no difference to us. But you're here to find illegal drugs, so please hit the little three stacked line bar thingy in the bottom left of your post and report it to Millard and ask him to remove your picture. Anonymity is a beautiful thing.

    As for the question, without having blood work to find out your actual numbers, we're all playing a guessing game with you and that isn't going to help you.

    Even once we know you're numbers, it will still be a guessing game as to how much you should use to put you in an optimal range.

    You need a doctor that's willing to work with you, brother.
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    Welcome Matt. As already mentioned, get bloodwork done so you have a baseline of everything that is checked. Also, if you're doing a cycle with 300mg of deca, then you should be using at least 400 or 500mg of testosterone. Whoever told you 100mg doesn't know what they're talking about.
  5. Matt, this isn't MySpace.

    And, yes, what MSG said x2.
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