How much weight can you lose in 45 days

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  1. Greek_beast95

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    im not about crash dieting at all but I’m thinking of adding lots and lots of cardio over the next 45 days to lose weight for an event I’m going to be attending , how much weight do you guys think is possible to lose in 45 days

    Stats 5’8 195 pounds
    BF-22-25% (estimate)
    1600 calories a day
  2. T-Bagger

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    Weight or body fat? Still going to be hitting the weights?
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    Firstly, those calories might be a bit low. Try starting with 2000. It's all very subjective and extremely person dependent.
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    Totally agree. The OP’s question is extremely unclear. For starters, the event you mentioned do you have to make weight for it or is this more or less something to where u want to fit into a suit or tuxedo for??? Are you planning on using anything to assist with this weight loss such as t3, clen, ECA, DNP?
    Are you currently running any Test or other AAS?? Or are you just considering upping the cardio to your current weight lifting regimen??
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  5. Test_Subject

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    Depends on how far you're willing to go.

    Cut off both legs and the answer is "a lot."
  6. And since you dont want to lose more than 3lbs/wk without alot of it being muscle you probably wouldnt want to lose more than 18lbs in 45 days (3lbs x 6wks=18lbs)

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  7. How much fat can you lose on starvation level calories in 45 days?

    Here is how much fat I lost in 28 days on a similar amount of calories back in January:

    No orals, no fat burners, no GH, pics taken about 4 weeks apart, minimal cardio, just very low calories. Gear was probably 300 test 400 mast.

    Notice how much size I lost as well?

    Take your time with dieting.
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  8. Greek_beast95

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    Sorry didn’t give enough info
    I’ll be lifting 5 days a week , usually 45 mins - 1 hour a night
    7 days a week of stair master 30 mins minimum

    I’m taking test e-250
    tren e -500 a week .

    Weight cut is for my girlfriends birthday, I just want to look good finally in something fitted and tight without my stomach fucking me. Have a decent Amount if muscle and would highly prefer to preserve as much as possible during this cut
  9. Greek_beast95

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    I understand what your trying to say but size loss or not you look great in that after pic , what’s your stats and before and after weight if these pics if you don’t mind me asking
  10. Thanks man,I’m 5’6 and weight was probably 193 in the before picture and 183 in the after pic. It was stupidly aggressive dieting, eating egg whites and peri-workout carbs only with 1 cheat meal a week.

    You have almost 7 weeks so you can go hard but not full-retard like I did and hold on to all of your size with tren in the equation.

    Just take your current diet and drop 250 calories one week and maybe the next week add 10 minutes more of cardio per session then next week repeat. You have enough time.

    6 weeks of that with tren and you will be a different person.
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  11. KetoMuscles

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    There's research out there that suggests the body can only burn up to 31.5kcal/day of body fat.
    This would be for non PED bodies. I'm not sure I'll be able to find the references to link here but if i have time I'll try to find it.
  12. Greek_beast95

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    Thanks for the advice brotha I appreciate it , I’ve been eating around 1800 calories a day so I figured dropping to 1600 and adding cardio because I never do cardio it would be a game changer
  13. Greek_beast95

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    That’s interesting , idk I have a hard time believing that to be true just because I know so many people who’ve lost weight and judging by that math it would of taken them years to drop 40-50 pounds when it didn’t
  14. KetoMuscles

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  15. Greek_beast95

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    Oh okay now that could make more sense , at first you had me worried haha . Honestly man I’m just trying to get 15-20 pounds off in the next 45 days , which I know is going to be very very tough especially for someone like myself , I’m 23 and I haven’t met a single kid my age who’s metabolism isn’t slower but hopefully I can make up for it with high cardio .
  16. KetoMuscles

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    Yeah man. I'm just trying to sciencey up your answers.
    There will be other factors like water weight but we all really only care if it's fat or not.
  17. KetoMuscles

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    There's a lot of science out there that supports Brad Pillon's approach of Eat Stop Eat to create your deficit.
    Instead of reducing your calories on a daily basis which may result in metabolic adaptation, make the deficit in 1 day possibly 2 over the course of a week. Eat normally Sun-Tues. After Tues dinner don't eat again until Wed dinner. This 24hr fast creates the deficit but the metabolism doesn't catch on.
    Just food for thought.
  18. Greek_beast95

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    So eat at maintenance or a little below it and then twice a week do a 24 hour fast essentially ?
  19. KetoMuscles

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    Exactly. So for the sake of ease. 2000kcal x7 is 14,000/wk maintenance. By skipping 1 day is a 2000kcal deficit. That's about the same as 300kcal a day.
    And you get to pick the day. So a no gym day. Or a day you know you'll be distracted and not thinking about eating.
    If you find it difficult just practice by pushing your "fasted" window further. i.e. Dinner to lunch. Then late dinner to early dinner.
    Of course being low carb helps this as the insulin spikes aren't triggering hunger signals. But that's another story.