How normal/dangerous is this bp on anadrol

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    1g test a week' 100 a day Anadrol cycle. Past 3 days ive been having bad headaches and a bad shift in mood and overall lethargy do I got my bp checked and itcame up systolic 142 diastolic 65 and pulse 108. How normal is this on anadrol? Ive never had it this high before so I know its the drugs causing this' I also do have chronic depression and anger and a ton of stress in general but like I said...never been this high. Will bp meds counteract this or have any bad mix with the anadrol?
  2. That’s not so high that you should start panicking, my suggestion would be instead of self medicating with more drugs maybe back off the drugs that are actually causing the problem. Too many people add drugs to counter act negative effects of other drugs or unhealthy life styles. I know first hand by foolishly self medicating in the past. So although I believe you should be free to take any medication you want I don’t recommend it.
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    dont mean this to sound patronising but if you're suffering from chronic depression along with anger and stress issues, surely anything that involves unbalancing your natural hormone levels has got to be a terrible idea? the pct alone could be catastrophic to your mental health. Im sure more knowledgable people can advise you better though but if it was me id be looking toward ending the cycle and staying off till i was in a better place
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    Blood pressure isn't that bad, heart rate is high though. If 108 isnon a relaxed state that's high
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    The discrepancy between your systolic and diastolic is a bit alarming, but 142 alone is pretty normal on that amount of test and Anadrol.
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    Get some cialis for the blood pressure headaches. Works for me. Anadrol above 75 mg I start getting headaches, 10 mg Cialis. Possibly start cycling the anadrol as well, like 2 days on, 2 days off. Or use Winny or var. Like 2 days anadrol/2 days Winny or var.
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    I think you should do more Anadrol. Maybe some cocaine? Chronic depression, anger, fatigue... and taking steroids? You must not care so go all about bro. Gram of anadrol daily.
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    1g test and Anadrol what’s your AI protocol look like?
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    I think you should just lower the drol and you'll feel better
  10. Dudes tachycardic yet is worried about his slightly elevated systolic bp. Never mentioned what your baseline vitals are... Smh... fuck it, why not bump up the test!
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    My BP has been up since I really got into AAS. Dbol/Anadrol make it worse. BP is the ‘silent killer’, it can be hard to feel it. Regardless, doc put me on a daily low dose BP medication (losarten) to help. Age 31.
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    what was your bp, hows the meds working
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    drop the adrol, same happens to me when I take it, head aches, lethargy, BP going up, and it gets worse if you keeping taking it. also keep an eye on your rbc my bloodwork after the last time I took it my rbc was off the charts.
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    It was close to stage 2 hypertension, anxiety and caffeine intake contributed as well I believe. 158/87 was a good fairly example. It has come down some but I think not really enough and medication dose may need to be upped. BP has to be taken seriously, I’ve learned.
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