How often do you inject a week?

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    Nemesis RR

    Nemesis RR Member

    For guys that HRT how often do you guys inject test?

    If you guys only inject once a week how do you feel at the end of the week before the next injection?

    How many milligrams do you take in? And what did your blood work show?
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    JanSz Junior Member

    My Aug30 blood tests and adjustments are here:
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    Jan's BloodTest April13/2007 - Page 3

    I use e3d schedule

    on the same sitting I do
    t shot
    hcg shot

    then I have two days free

    Amount of my injections follow rather closely table on my post #40
    Jan's BloodTest April13/2007 - Page 2
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    drp90210 Junior Member

    I inject .19 ml (or .38 mg) of test every 3 days, for about 90 mg of test a week. I also inject 250IU of hcg the day before I inject the test.

    I tried test once a week but that really made my levels fluctuate. Even every 4 days gave me a slight dip. I then tried daily injections, which were great in terms of levels but just way too much injecting. My current regimen seems as smooth and level as it gets for me.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    I do 70mgs every 3 days of Depo T and 400 IU's of hcg the 2 days each in between my T shots of HCG. I do between every other to every 3 days of .5mgs of arimidex. Doing this keeps me leveled and helps keep E2 down. My labs are in the 700's for TT and my Free T is near the top of the range.
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    OnTooMuch Junior Member

    Twice a week. Every 3.5 days. (Monday morning and Thursday evening). 60 mg Test Cyp IM on Monday and 40 mg Test Cyp IM on Thursday evening (100 mg total for week). Also do 300 I/U of hcg on days before Test injections. Also do 1/4 mg of arimidex every other day.

    VG levels of Total T and exceptionally good levels of Free T. A friend got me taking 250 mg of "nettles root extract" and my SHBG dropped dramatically (but still within range) while my Free T percentage went from 1.9% to 2.7 - 3.0% (I think the reference range from my Lab is 1.0% to 2.9%).

    Prior to this took 100 mg once a week. Levels good for first three days then dropped quickly (by end of week was down around 350 - reference range of 220 - 1000). Has been nice and stable around 700ish with this protocol. (Also Es are in good shape).

    Prior to that took gels. androgel and Testim both were tried. Got up to 10 grams of Testim and couldn't even get to 480 Total T.... Apparently not good at absorbing through the skin.

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