How often do you train? Are you married?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by GymRat79, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. GymRat79

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    How often does the wife let you train? Do you have to rush home and take care of the kids and skip workouts? Just curious how difficult juggling the gym and family is. Thank you for your time.
  2. Rockclimber

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    My wife bought a bunch of gym stuff for me so I'm able to lift 5 or 6 days a week at home many times for well over an hour. If I had to go somewhere to train she would not be nearly as accepting of that perhaps three days a week sort of thing.
  3. DonQKong

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    "How often does your wife let you train". Go play flute gayboy O M G. My wife doesn't let me train. I let my wife open her mouth for other purposes than sucking my dick. Occasionally.

    PS. Please don't tell her I said the above. I'll never be able to go to the gym again.
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  4. GymRat79

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    Does your wife let you train with weights or do you have to get permission from her to buy a membership on your own? Most men I see have to get their wife to say yes because they control the money. Not all men have this problem, but many do.
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  5. grey

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    Mine trains with me 3 days a week. The rest I do on my own.

    It helps that the gym is in our garage.
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  6. GymRat79

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    That does not count! You must belong to a gym that you have to drive to. Would you be allowed to do that as a married man? That is the question.
  7. grey

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    Yes. I go through spells where I train people in their own gyms in a town some 40 minutes from home.

    During those times instead of training with her, I drive in, train with them, then drive home.

    Seriously dude, just go get some marriage counseling.

    This shit is not that complicated and the time at the gym is very obviously not the actual issue.
  8. System7

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    I was giving you the benefit of the doubt initially but this seems like a troll post. "Because they control the money" What planet do you live on? No one lets me train.
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  9. Ironlord

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    Agree with some of the comments above... There's clearly something else that's an issue in your relationship, and she's using the gym to bring it out...

    I train when I want... And we halove 5 kids . She works 40+ a week, I work 60+..

    We train together when we can as I love lifting with her....

    Helps that one of my lines of income is owning a couple of training studios though :rolleyes:;)
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  10. GymRat79

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    That is nice! I was just busting the posters balls on here. I don't really give a fuck where anyone trains. Sorry it came off as trolling. Just bored and having fun here.
  11. Maj1979

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  12. Maj1979

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    My wife's a nurse so she helps me with pins. 5 days a week or so but she's used to it because I bitch like a little girl when I can't lift. She's cool as long as I come home and pin her
  13. Leancuisine

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    Yeah my wife "let's" me work out while she watches our son. And vice versa. She watches our son as I go spend time with my friends, and vice versa.
    I think that's what relationships are all
    About, balance. Yeah there's the family, but there's 3 individuals in that family. I have my stuff. My wife has her activities. And my son just runs trains on all the little fuckers at daycare.
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  14. CAswole

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    I can get away with 4 days a week before I get the, all you care about is going to the gym comments. LOL
  15. JackSmooth

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    Damn how long your son been on tren lol
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  16. Leancuisine

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    Well he just turned 1 year old so.... a little over 1 year :cool:
    This one little fucker kept trying to steal my sons spoon, and so the last time this kid tried to take it, my son stiff armed that mother fucker right in the forehead and just kept walking. Little running back in the making ;)
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  17. System7

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    Your math checks out.
  18. Leancuisine

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    Dude within the first month of my sons birth I broke my hand and had it in a cast for maybe 2 months. During that time I took care of my son, still managed to lift, and inject, please my wife, and take care of two dogs.

    When it was all said and done I pulled the two pins from my bones with my fucking teeth.

    What am I trying to say here? Don't be a fucking pussy.
  19. Leancuisine

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    I was on tren during my sons birth, so I would like to think it somehow rubbed off on him. If you look at the little fellow he sure looks like it did
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    IMG_3007.JPG IMG_2655.PNG

    Homeboy probably has a better chance at winning that competition than OP
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