How rich are you??

Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by Sk8man101, Jan 27, 2017.

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    Same here. You can always fix credit, make more money, take on a different job. Family and time you can't get back, fuck living for material stuff. I'm pretty much to the point where as long as the bills are covered and I can spend time with family, fuck all the meaningless bullshit
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  2. Very true, brother. The shiny sports car and the HD television that's the size of a wall are nice and all, but they won't be there to comfort you and tell you they love you when you're taking your last breaths.

    Sorry, a bit bkeak and morbid, i know. But still truth.
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    I grew up poor as shit as a kid but learned to hustle and work my ass off and found a damn good career thats perfect for guys like us.

    People over look this trade all the time, but a Journeyman Lineman in California makes 63 an hour, over time all the time which usually leads into double time. You can easily make between 250-350k a year in this trade. Hit me up if anyone is trying to get into the trade.
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    I've been good at investing and that has made me quite comfortable.
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    Pretty interesting thread. I'm just rich enough to worry I don't have enough. I live so far below my means the money just piles up in banks and broker accounts. I'll probably die worried about my hospital bills.

    Now that I think about it, I think I will go spend some money : )
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    That is actually not true.
    People rarely die to malnourishment in America and the ones that die is usually elder people due to neglect, not a food issue.

    On the other hand like 5 million people die in Africa from starvation each year.
    I’m not saying it’s our responsibility to fix the world, but that’s like having 13 9/11s every day for one year.
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    And for the record this wasn’t meant to be a “guilt trip” thread.

    More just like a “hey man let’s be stoked on what we have” type thread.
  8. Close to 0 dollars. Depression has kicked my ass these last 12 years. I'm for the most part locked in my room all day doing absolutely nothing.