How safe is it to order online and cycle thoughts?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Loperdk, Jan 17, 2006.

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    Loperdk Member

    Im new to Meso-Rx and so far it has been a great tool for some research. My main question is how safe is to order online with some of these companies advertising and is there stuff real?(my previous hook up stopped selling)
    Next question is Im looking on starting a 12 week cycle (thoughts and suggestions would be great).
    500sust ew
    350 oral Dbol
    winstrol injec?
    not quite sure on everything.
    I am 22yr 235lbs 20% bodyfat, my strength has actually increased to a all time high but so has my lard and I actually feel really small. (oh and its been about 8 months since my last cycle. Ive only done two and mostly with Dbol it worked really well for me)
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    stevemac Junior Member

    dont forget your post cycle therapy, but cycle looks fine. I wouldn't order from any website offering to send you steroids, 99.99% of them are fake scammer sites. Most time they tell you, whoops it must of been caught by customs or some crap. I've never ordered from them but heard enough that I would never do it.
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    ForemanRules Member

    1-10 500mg test ( 250mg 2x a week)
    1-4 D-bol 30mg ED
    pct..14 days after last shot

    Do not order steroids over the net!!!!
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    Pro-Forma Junior Member

    well i'll agree with everyone else, in '99 i used pharmagroup and got the goods but never have used since, I was an idiot then though, I ordered twenty 50mg organon deca amps and ended up giving them to a friend. they did come through but if my memory serves correct i believe the first small test order was the bait, once you took were screwed.
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    solo47 Member

    I don't know if you're being coy on this, ForemanRules, or if you really mean it. But the simple fact is that there are those of us living on the edges of your Mercator projection that have only the WWW as a source for AAS. I avoid sites that will accept only WU or internet cheques since your money is gone once it's sent. If they allow cc, I feel pretty safe (though the Net business may occasionally lose $).

    Aside from outright experimentation (taking time & money), I find I can usually "read" sites pretty accurately to get an idea of their legitimacy images, writing skills, complexity, etc. If they're offering everything from HGH to ritalin to dilaudid, they're suspect. (Never order from the assholes who advertise on the Web's public bulletin boards.)

    But though there has been occasional difficulties & delays (& even one successful re-send), everything I've ordered via the WWW (except dilaudid!) has arrived. And, yes, the hair on my eyelids instead of my head tells me it really worked!:D

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    unt0ld Junior Member

    too many pms!
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    MANWHORE Member

    :) would you recomend the same for me lol .. If it was my 1st cycle i would go with 500 Test E for 10 weeks with PCT starting on the day of my last shot.
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    nsx Junior Member

    My source via www has done me right thus far. After the third order you can have it sent wherever so it puts your mind at ease. The first order I placed it took almost 2 weeks to arrive and sat next to my front door with "return to sender " on it for another two weeks. So far so good but that doesnt mean I couldnt get scammed later. Good luck and be careful.
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    CharlieHustle Junior Member

    yeah i have been burnt before
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    Loperdk Member

    Thanks guys. So its either hit or miss with the sites. So for the pct how would .5mg of arimidex or nolvadex for the second half of my cycle be?
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    DaneGer Junior Member

    I have a buddy of mine order online and every time its been ok but i would be dumb enough to order from a site like or something like that your best bet is homebrew.
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    unt0ld Junior Member

    too many pms
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    Loperdk Member

    Ok ive been looking around and Sust is something that I want but the price varies a crap load Omna included. I mean $7-$60 an amp . What should be a fair $ amount for a 250ml amp.
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    Grizzly Member

    Read my signature. Your answers are there. ;)
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    Loperdk Member

    Thanks guys
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    ForemanRules Member

    People have to do what they think is best for them....I just know allot of people who have been ripped off over the net...about 80% of them.
    Personally I just take a trip and get it my self....Plus know some people who are awsome at home brewing so I have no need or want of taking chances with the net.......If people take the time and do the ground work their is no need to use the net...unless you are very sure about the site.
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    ForemanRules Member

    I agree 100% 500mg for 10 weeks ( test only) for a first cycle....this is not his first cycle so he can throw in some d-bol or deca if he wants..

    Why do you start PCT on the same day of your last shot???
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    Loperdk Member

    All right. This is what Im going with. Tell me what you think. Also should I take the sus and deca on different days of the week (mon&thurs sus, tues&fri deca)?. I found a source who homebrews and I heard hes credible so I hope it all goes smooth.
    sus 500mg 12 weeks
    deca 400mg 12 weeks
    dbol 50mg ed for first 6 weeks
    winnie 40mg ed week 6 to 12
    nolva 10mg ed whole cycle
    clomid for pct

    Also when is the best to start the clomid since i am going to take the nolva throughout?
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    Loperdk Member

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    MANWHORE Member

    Because by that time estrogen is not needed (some is of course) anymore and should be brought under control before the androgens run out.

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