How safe is online chinese HGH?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Clean, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Clean

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    Found a site selling bluetop HGH at safe prices from their factory in China. How safe is it to buy and inject that?
  2. Deacon

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    heads or tails?
  3. Clean

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    Ok and how bad could it go if I inject some fake or bad HGH? Is there anyway to know if its fake or bad when it arrives? Photo id maybe or do I need a lab to test it?
  4. Big_paul

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    counterfit can look better than the legit product. who knows what your injecting. you would think that whoever is selling it does not want to kill anyone to avoid trouble. so it could be legit. keep us informed..i've never been burned by a chinaman though.
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  5. fergie

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    Here's an article from BOS with regards to testing they did on some chinese IGF, it's the same type of crapshoot with GH.

    “The Blue Tops”: igf-1 LR3

    by Ronny Tober

    In the previous issue of Body of Science we published an other analysis of a IGF-1 LR3 sample we bought in the Netherlands and that originated from China. It turned out it was a very dangerous item that contained rat insulin instead of IGF-1 LR3! This time we are back doing protein analysis. In this case, we are again looking at IGF-1 LongR3. We obtained this vial of IGF-1LR3 from China, the principle source country of all IGF-1LR3. We did our best to pick a product that was popular, and thus was representative of the quality of many IGF-1LR3 samples. The results were, again, concerning.

    When we started to analyse this new sample, we at first found it was IGF-1 this time. Great news, but there was soon a big “BUT” that was apparent. We also found two problems: 1) The protein is heterogeneous as can be seen in the MALDI-MS spectrum. 2) The N-terminus could not be resolved by the peptide mass fingerprint using Asp-N. We could cover the sequence from residue 58-83, but not from 1-57. Therefore, we could not exclude that the N-terminus might be modified somehow. Since we where sure that the C-terminus is intact it might be helpful to analyse the N-terminal sequence of the protein by Edman degradation. This could probably explain the heterogeneity of the protein.

    We decided to let the laboratory analyse the N-terminal sequencing of the IGF-1 LR3 sample. The main sequence was in accordance with the original sequence. They found the amino acids M-F-P-A-M-P-L. There were also minor signals in each step but these signals could not clearly be related to any IGF-1 LR3 sequence. Now we had shown that N- and C-terminus of the protein are okay. Some problems remain: we could not explain the heterogeneity of the protein in MALDI-MS. Second, we did not see two expected N-terminal peptides in the peptide mass fingerprint which is a clear indication that there are exchanges in the sequence.

    It is difficult to speculate what happened exactly with the IGF-1. Based on the mass detection by MALDI-MS one can conclude that it does not contain the exact sequence, and since the complete C-terminus was explained, this deviation must be in the N-terminal region (not at the N-terminus as proven by Edman sequencing). If we would use other enzymes for fragmentation and MALDI-MS/MS for identification of the unexplained peptides we probably would be able to identify the whole sequence. However, this would cost too more money. And since we where already able to prove that this sample was not a pure and a therefore not active product, we decided to let it be.

    We asked the laboratory in Germany to run a SDS-PAGE also and it turned out that the sample was not polluted. We also asked them to look for BSA. Since we knew that BSA is added to many protein solutions (e.g. antibodies) for stabilization. However, these are NOT drugs used in human! But we know that underground labs also buy cheap BSA (bovine serum albumin) polluted peptides and sell this to their customers. Like most of you will know, most peptides (growth hormones - IGF-1 Lr3 – pegylated growth factors etc) are sold in a lyophilised form (a freeze dried pressed crust of dry powder) in a small bottle, mostly with a blue cap. It is therefore impossible to say who originally manufactured this bottle. But we did not see any high molecular components like bovine (cattle) albumin in this sample, as can be seen in the SDS-PAGE

    Again we want to thank Dr. Thomas Halder, from the always sunny, Munich in Germany, for his help and explanation!
  6. Bigkarch

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    china has been pretty hot....becareful

    HUGE.HULK Junior Member

    I wouldn't trust chinese HGH...
  8. C Wood

    C Wood Junior Member

    Trust your source if you have a pre-existing relationship.I dont think I'd make that leap with a new source.

    I'm running some bue tops right now and they're working great.If I shoot more then 5 IU's a day I get all the classic sides of growth so I know it's good.
  9. ericraven2003

    ericraven2003 Member

    I have had nothing but good quality from Chinese GH, BUT things are getting seized as of the last 4 months. I lost about 600 bucks from a seizure. It was my frst time in 10 years that has happened. You can get it from other countries are even domestic but pay a bit more. AND don't ask me where.
  10. Clean

    Clean Junior Member

    I devided to try and order anyways because the price was good but it was seized. So I have to ask, what countrys are better to order from?

    found also this brand of HGH, Eurohormones Somatropin is this any good?
  11. Millard Baker

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    There was once a time when Chinese HGH was synonymous with high-quality HGH. That was before Operation Raw Deal when Jintropin dominated the U.S. (black) market.

    But then the U.S. government criminally indicted the CEO of the China-based pharmaceutical company and (ab)used terrorism laws to grab money ($2.7 million) from bank accounts located in foreign countries -- all to prevent bodybuilders from getting this high-quality HGH!

    Now the demand in the bodybuilding community remains the same, but it is much more dangerous and of more questionable quality.

    United States Attorney General Praises Use of Terrorism Laws to Disrupt Illegal HGH Market | MESO-Rx Steroid Blog

    China Revokes GeneScience Pharmaceuticals License for Jintropin Human Growth Hormone | MESO-Rx Steroid Blog
  12. RovinC

    RovinC Junior Member

    What is the best pricing anyone can get these days per IU?
    Id like to run 4-5 iu a day, but can you get legit hgh for around $1 ro $1.50 iu or is that just not possible?

  13. morepain

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    TRUST ME ON Karch said NOW is NOT the time to order GH form China....siezures on GH are up dramatically, many long time suppliers are experiencing major issues where before they had none at all.
  14. Get Some

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    When was it ever possible to get an entire month's supply of HGH for around $150??!? That's what I want to know. Maybe I'm out of the loop on this but that seems insanely cheap.
  15. RovinC

    RovinC Junior Member

    Well back about 9 years ago Anke would sell it for $1.50 w/o water in bulk orders.

    Is Jintroping still around or after RD are they kaput? They still have a site....
  16. hog0321

    hog0321 Junior Member

    First I love HGH
    Even in Afghanistan prices have went up from 100$ to 150$ per week. So US street prices must be crazy.
    I have seen some really overpriced HGH, A few are fare but none are cheap.
    What does it cost from a docter? Isn't it like 100$ per week.

    TBAR ROWS Junior Member is the site to go to for quotes. Keep in mind, that is retail prices not including your insurance. Tev Tropin is not a bad price if your insurance is good.

    This is the only board saying China is hot for GH and I frequent many boards. !! I will surely let him know China is hot. Thanks for the info guys. Why is this board the only board saying this?

    TBAR ROWS Junior Member

    1.12$ an iu bro. 5 kit min order though.
  19. Thin Ice

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    yep...price is about right. As for safe no ...not at all. If you have ever been to China you would understand. You can walk a block or two in many cities while covering your face with a cloth..then duck in a building to breathe a minute. The heavy metal pollution permeates everything. The hospital operating rooms look like a butcher shop at the grocery store....I am not exagerating...some may not be that bad but did they save my life in a filthy horrible nighmare of a room you would not believe, SO as far as HGH...the labs are set up all over inn the backs of warehouses, workshops, etc. The people are professional and know they are working inn substandard conditions and do the best they can.I have been using HGH from China but will move to a US source as soon as I find one. I had heavy metal tests recently and am having chelation therapy once a week to clear then out best as I can. They are bad , bad stuff. Heavy metals eff you up more than just about anything...period.
    So the moral is be careful bros....we all be playing russian roullette in this game as we all know.
    The idea is to calculate all the risks carefully.
  20. xsosinglesogoodx

    xsosinglesogoodx Junior Member

    i just ordered 500ius of hgh. its easily available for prices from $1-1.50 per iu. thats about what the market value is for it. the hgh i got is really good quality. i mean im sure there are tons of fakes out there. but like anything i do ill always research and do my homework before i order from anyone. i had no problems gettin my products took 10 days shipped from china.